13 Quirky Things To Do In Amsterdam

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Often regarded as l’enfant terrible of European cities, Amsterdam is nothing if not cheeky, irreverent and full of mischief.

But behind the coffee shops, Red Light District and thrill-seeking tourists, this charismatic capital has a quirky, unexpected side that is truly worth discovering. Here is our guide to 13 of the most unusual, eccentric and unpredictable experiences that this beguiling city has to offer.


Amsterdam Infographic - 13 Quirky Things To Do In Amsterdam


Want to check out any of these quirky attractions for your next Amsterdam trip?

Corpus Experience: http://www.corpusexperience.nl/en
Moeders Restaurant: http://www.moeders.com/
GlowGolf: http://www.glowgolf.nl/amsterdam
Electric Ladyland – the First Museum of Fluorescent Art: http://electric-lady-land.com
Sherlocked: http://sherlocked.nl/
CatBoat: http://depoezenboot.nl/en
Rem Eiland: http://www.remeiland.com/
Blijburg Beach: http://www.blijburg.nl/
Amsterdam Public Library: http://www.oba.nl/oba/english.html


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