Active Holidays

Are you someone who gets bored by the thought of spending a week on the beach, moving very little and eating lots? Someone who hates the hustle and bustle of city breaks, where you seem to be constantly queuing for the next must-see attraction? Well here are dealchecker we have the solution, why not take an active holiday, where you get to see a beautiful location and you can tailor your activities to be relaxing, invigorating or pure adrenaline.

YOGA 2 - edith
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Yoga holidays are growing in popularity, with more and more destinations to choose from. India is the classic destination, being the home of yoga, but resorts closer to home in Morocco, Egypt, Italy and Greece are gaining in popularity. Be sure you know what you’re booking as a yoga holiday will put you near some nice scenery and attractions, and give you some time to explore them, whilst a retreat will focus more on your body and soul, and really getting into the practise.
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Mountain bike holidays offer you the chance to get fit and see some spectacular scenery at the same time. There is such a range of options, from easy routes for beginners to those incorporating more technical aspects, harder cycling, or even an adrenaline-busting downhill run or two. There are plenty of places in the UK that offer these holidays but if you want to go more exotic, the mountains of Spain and Italy or even Machu Picchu could await.

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Surfing holidays are a great way to get into the sport, or improve your technique. You are accompanied everywhere by experienced instructors who will seek out the best waves each day and give you hints and tips on how to improve, and with all transport included it’s easy to get into the swing of things and find the perfect break. Some great destinations for cheap surfing trips are Portugal, Morocco and the Canary Islands.
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If you’re after a wealth of adrenaline sports in one place so you can try something new every day then New Zealand has to be the place for you. Coasteering, bungee jumping, zorbing, caving, paragliding, abseiling, kayaking and skydiving are all on offer here so you can get involved to your heart’s content.

Signpost on the South West Coast Path
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At the opposite end of the scale, and budget are UK walking holidays. Here, the more you plan yourself the quieter and more personal your holiday will be. The UK has hundreds of different walking routes, perfect for short breaks or longer challenges, and with many B&Bs on the way now offering a bag drop-off at your next stop you can just enjoy getting on with the walk and seeing the scenery unfold.

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