Ain’t No Mountain High Enough! Nepal’s Best Treks

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With the iconic Himalayan mountain range running through it, Nepal’s reputation for world-class trekking is almost unrivalled. The country began to make an international name for itself as a hiker’s paradise when it opened its borders in 1949. In the years that followed, foreign mountaineers slowly but surely began to summit many of the country’s highest peaks, attracting international acclaim and attention to both themselves and the landscape in which they were exploring. Almost 70 years down the line and treks up, down and around these giants of nature are ever-popular, especially those that conclude with unsurpassed mountain vistas. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but in Nepal, it’s worth climbing a few thousand feet for, too!

Annapurna Circuit


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This long-distance trek takes you on a loop around Annapurna Massif – a massif being a compact group of mountains, for those terminology rookies out there. The walk can be from anywhere between 100 to 145 miles long and tends to take a good 15 to 20 days to complete. In that time, you’ll climb as high as 4500 metres and see an incredible array of scenery. Highlights include the trail from Pisang to Ghyaru. The two villages offer lovely opportunities to experience Tibetan culture, while the views on the walk in between are stunning.

Everest Base Camp


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For many, this is considered the big daddy of Nepalese treks, as well as signifying the start of the journey for those advanced climbers who plan to summit the world’s tallest mountain. The trek tends to be a 12-day round trip, with three of these days dedicated to acclimatisation. By the finish you will have tramped for just over 80 miles. Highlights of the journey for many is reaching the camp itself. At 5545 metres, the camp has become a shrine for the many iconic climbs that have begun here over the decades. Once you have rested you can wait for a clear patch in the weather for close-up views of the famous peak itself.

Poon Hill


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Toddling in at five days, this trek is popular with many for its brief nature. Those who want to enjoy some of the country’s beautiful scenery and teahouse culture can do so without taking too much time out of their travels. The walk takes you through rural mountain villages and lush forests, most notably a Rhododendron forest awash with colour. Your journey will peak at 3210 metres on the top of, you’ve guessed it, Poon Hill. Head up from your teahouse at sunrise to watch the sky lighten over the Annapurna Massif, which you’ll see in all its glory from the crest of the hill.



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This circuit trek takes you around the world’s eighth highest mountain, that’s right – eighth! The hike is preferred for its relative lack of crowds to some of the region’s more popular routes, meaning you can enjoy the scenery without fifty other hikers for company. You’ll be walking for 17 days in total, including two days of acclimatisation. Getting those sweet solitary views will cost you though, with guided treks coming in at upwards of £1000. In return for your coin you’ll walk through the Himalayan pass crossing, at a glorious 5100 metres.

Gokyo Lakes


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Toted as the world’s highest freshwater lake system, these six turquoise beauties make for a stunning hike. The glacial lakes peak at 5000 metres and can be found in the Sagarmatha National Park. As we all know, water and mountains make for the ultimate pairing and the pinnacle is truly reached on this trek when you hike Gokyo Ri mountain, revealing views of Everest with the aqua below. Again, you’ll find this route is a lot quieter than many of its neighbouring treks with the round-trip taking you 16 days total.


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