Bizarre Hotel of the Month!

Yes, it’s that time again! Last month we showcased the delightfully bizarre Das Park Hotel of Austria, where we established you should not go if you battle with any kind of constricted space related phobias. This month we have this bad boy:

Harbour Crane, Amsterdam

This does exactly what it says on the huge industrial tin. The Harbour Crane Hotel is an operational harbour crane that can be found directly on the quay and holds a luxurious room for two people. Recontructed and refurbished with an elevator to replace the staircase, the crane can reach heights of 49 metres high, depending on sea levels.

There are large windows so that guests can gaze out into panoramic views over the watery abyss, and lest you become bored of the pleasures of the natural world, there is a plasma TV and music system provided. The room has a fully equipped bathroom, and a gourmet breakfast is brought to you in the morning.

You can expect to pay about 319 euros a night for the privilege.

Oh and the best thing about the hotel? You can still control the crane should you so wish – it can be pivoted on its axis by using the controls found in the cabin.

We love this idea – just make sure you take someone that you really really get on with, like, a lot – because you’re going to be stuck up a crane with only this chosen individual for company. A man overboard situation should be purely accidental – just sayin’!

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