Budget Summer Recipes From Around The World

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If you’re stuck in a meal rotation rut, we’ve sought out some of the best summery dishes from around the world to help you spice up your weekly menu! Plus, we’ve aimed for those that can be made without breaking the bank too, so you can enjoy all the flavours of summer holidays (almost) guilt-free…

Starters & light bites


This Italian appetizer – a fresh and flavoursome combination of toasted bread, chopped tomatoes and olive oil – has been a hit for centuries. It’s easy to add other ingredients that may need using up too, such as cheese, herbs and vegetables. It also pairs well with cold white wine, if you happen to be entertaining!


While warm soup comforts in cold weather, its chilled alter ego can serve as a refreshing cooler in summer. Hailing from Andalusia, this dish is also known as a ‘liquid salad’ – these days, it’s most commonly made using fresh tomatoes, however when it was invented around the seventh century, it was a simple mixture of bread, garlic, olive oil, and whatever other vegetables might be at hand. There are a number of variations out there, from classic tomato to cooling cucumber and creamy avocado.


Another versatile and wallet-friendly summer dish is the frittata. It might hail from Italy, but you’ll find similar versions all over the world, from the Spanish tortilla to the British omelette. Often described as a crustless quiche, the frittata revolves around an egg base and can be filled with whatever you fancy (popular fillings include spinach, potato, cheese, mushrooms and meat). Serve with a side salad as a light lunch or part of a spread as a summery buffet dinner.



Feta is having a bit of a moment due to its recent TikTok fame, which saw it baked with tomatoes and mixed with pasta. Greece has known its value for centuries though, and one of the country’s classic dishes, Spanakopita, sees the salty, tangy cheese baked with spinach and wrapped in filo pastry, making for a relatively simple, budget friendly and healthy dinner. Think of it as a lighter, sunnier take on the beloved British pie!


A fantastic store cupboard recipe, you can whip up a fragrant, hearty dahl with a concoction of cans and a scattering of spices. Plus, you can make a stack of delicious doughy flatbreads (perfect for dipping!) with just some Greek yoghurt and self-raising flour! While dahl can just as easily be a wintery dish, its origins lie in South Asia, which – of course – boasts one of the balmiest climates in the world!


The beauty of pasta is that it can be as fancy or as simple as you like, and it’ll always fill you up! A simple tomato sauce can be zhuzhed up with some garlic and maybe even some sardines, while a simple mix of lemon and parmesan can make for a delightfully fresh and creamy main course.


Ramen noodles can be bought for next to nothing, while a lot of flavour can be added just by using store cupboard ingredients and spices. Add in some veggies and maybe even an egg, and you’ve got yourself a pretty well-rounded meal!


Summer Fruits Crumble

A British institution, crumble is a staple in winter – apples and blackberries are elevated by the sweet, buttery topping before being doused with custard. The recipe can be adapted for summer too though, with summer fruits that can even be bought frozen, and a scoop of ice cream on top.


If something has Italy’s stamp of approval, then it usually means it’s pretty special. Meaning ‘pick me up’ or ‘cheer me up’, this combination of creamy mascarpone, energising coffee and endorphin-boosting chocolate is hard to beat! You’ll find that you probably have most of the ingredients you need already knocking about in your kitchen cupboards or pantry too…