Celebrate International Beer Day

What a glorious idea – a day dedicated to drinking beer! Now, we know you don’t exactly need an excuse, but we’re certainly not complaining! 5th August is International Beer Day so we’ve collected some great ideas on how to celebrate. No, really, no need to thank us. Just please don’t blame us for the lesser-known International Hangover Day the day after – don’t look now but that’s a Monday this year.

Beer Celebration Level: Total Immersion

Beer Bath in Castle

Do you love beer so much you would bathe in it if you could? In Austria at the Starkenberger Biermythos, you can do just that, with seven pools filled with the stuff, all in the magical setting of a Medieval Castle! Apparently it’s great for your skin, but apart from having the odd pint accidentally tipped down our backs in a busy pub we’ve not tried it. We advise taking three mates to share the pool with! Too far?

Beer Celebration Level: Physical Effort Required

chris friese

There’s a genius way of combining sightseeing and beer drinking hitting the roads in Europe, and it’s not your common or garden pub crawl. The Beerbus is powered by drinkers, who are powered by beer. That’s right: you pedal, you drink, you sightsee, you get drunk, you stop. Thankfully there’s a fully sober driver at the helm, or who knows where you could end up! Currently available in Munich, Amsterdam and Berlin, and more as well as London!

Beer Celebration Level: Home Connoisseur

Chimay Beer by Trapist Monks
Robert S. Donovan

If you don’t want to travel, then how about getting hold of some of the world’s best beers to try at home? Chimay beers from Belgium are made by Trappist monks, as they have been doing since 1863, so they should have making it down by now! If you prefer your recipe a little older than that, how about Taddy Porter from Yorkshire, dating back to 1758! Or for a more modern, and American, interpretation we’ve heard you can’t do better than Sierra Nevada Pale Ale.

Beer Celebration Level: Regular Beer Fan

Country Pub
Mike Cattell

But with so many lovely pubs around the country, what’s to say you can’t just take yourself out for a slap-up meal and enjoy a pint or five with your friends, family, or the bartender. Who knows, maybe the sun will even come out and you can take yourself off to your favourite beer garden!

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