Christmas Gift Ideas for Travel Enthusiasts

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Buying Christmas presents can be incredibly difficult, especially for people who either have everything or don’t know what they want. This winter, we have your back! We have compiled a list of unique present ideas for frequent travellers, all of which can be found on Amazon. This gift guide contains a mixture of prices to provide gift inspiration for those with both a high and low budget. 

1. Scratch Map, £12.99

For travel lovers who have been to many countries around the world, a scratch map is a great gift idea. The map can be hung on a wall and the countries visited can be scratched off, allowing the giftee to visualise the total area that they have explored worldwide, and maybe even inspiring them to visit some more destinations that they haven’t previously considered.


To purchase a scratch map, click here

Photograph of person scratching a scratch map with a coin to reveal the country name

2. Instax Mini Camera, £76.34

While modern day smartphones are incredibly convenient for taking pictures, there is nothing like the security of knowing that your cherished images exist in physical form and therefore cannot be lost. The Instax Mini camera is a great way for travellers to capture memories while on the go. This camera prints out the image seconds after it’s been taken, meaning that you can see the picture as soon as it is developed. Additionally, there is a nostalgic quality about the prints which makes the memory feel a lot more special. The Instax Mini camera also comes in a wide variety of colours, adding a personal touch to your choice.


If you’d like to purchase an Instax Mini camera, visit this link or search online. 

woman taking a photo with an instax mini polaroid camera

3. Travel Jewellery Organiser, £9.99

For those who wear jewellery on a daily basis or collect trinkets/ precious pieces, this could be a very useful present. This small zip-up travel case has three gaps ideal for necklaces and bracelets! Additionally, it has a variety of ring and earring slots to keep your pieces separate. This gift is great for keeping jewellery organised and safe while travelling, and comes in a range of colours. 


Click this link if you’re considering purchasing a travel jewellery organiser.  

photo of rings in a jewelry organiser

3. UE Boom 3, £129.99

Described as ‘almost indestructible’, UE Boom speakers are well suited to those who often partake in activities while on their travels. These speakers are waterproof, meaning that they can be taken skiing, or to the pool or beach. Additionally, they have a battery life of up to 15 hours which makes them ideal for day trips. While this bluetooth speaker is slightly on the expensive side, its durability and excellent sound quality makes it well worth the price in our opinion. 


UE Booms 3 comes in a variety of colours, click here to check out the new ‘ultraviolet purple’. 

Portable speaker called a UE Boom in the foliage outside

5. Insulated Water Bottle, £9.99

Insulated water bottles are incredibly convenient and practical, especially when on the move. These vessels keep liquids hot or cold for 12 hours, making them great to fill with water on day trips or use as a thermos to carry your morning coffee on-the-go. You can find insulated water bottles in a range of colours online, but if you’d like a high quality insulated bottle with a personalised touch, Chilly’s offer a variety of designs and a personalisation option which allows customers to engrave their name or initials into the bottle for an additional fee.


Click this link if you’d like to buy an insulated water bottle, or here to browse the Chilly’s bottles.

5. Portable Power Bank, £22.39

For frequent travellers, a power bank is an absolute must-have. A power bank that has a high capacity is likely to last multiple days depending on how often it is used. This is a brilliant present for people who often venture out on long day trips or long journeys between destinations. Although many power banks can be expensive, Amazon offers a spectrum of affordable, powerful, and good quality options.


To purchase a portable power bank, visit this link

6. Travel Journal, £10.47

In addition to capturing photographic memories, journalling is a great way for travellers to document their experience. This travel journal features four tabbed sections for the owner to complete, including a planning section that is perfect for creating an itinerary. This would be a great gift for those who want to organise their activities and excursions, ensuring that they see and do as much as they can in each destination. 


To get a closer look at this travel planner and journal, click here

photo of a travel journal

8. Kindle, £84.99

If you know an avid reader with a love for travel, a Kindle makes a fantastic gift. Whether they’re on a plane, a long coach journey, or relaxing poolside, having a Kindle allows individuals to download a multitude of books throughout their travels. This is particularly convenient for people who are backpacking as it stops them from having to lug heavy books around with them, and allows them to simply purchase a new read whenever they fancy. 

Visit this link to purchase a Kindle.

photo of an amazon kindle next to a pile of books

9. Travel Voucher, prices vary 

If you’d like to give a less personal present and maintain an element of excitement, why not give somebody a Red Letter Days voucher? Choose from a variety of mini breaks, from country escapes to glamping, and treat someone to a luxury getaway. These vouchers offer hundreds of options to choose from, allowing the recipient to select somewhere that meets all of their expectations. 


To find out more about Red Letter Days vouchers, click here

photo of somebody holding up a gift voucher

10. Travel Sleep Set, £26.95

For travellers who typically jump from one place to the next, consider buying them a travel sleep set for Christmas. This sleep set includes a super soft blanket and case which can be used as a neck pillow. In addition, this set comes with an eye mask, brilliant for long coach or plane journeys. Conveniently, this sleep set tucks into the travel case and is fitted with a clip so that it can be secured to a bag. 

To purchase a sleep set, visit this link.