Christmas in the Sun: Five Warm Locations to Spend Christmas this Year

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Spending Christmas in a hot country is something on many Brits’ bucket lists. For those with children, spending Christmas abroad and in a warm climate is an unforgettable experience. Below are five breathtaking and balmy locations that are ideal for spicing up your Christmas celebrations this year. 

1. Hawaii

Hawaii is a state that goes all out with its festive decorations during the Christmas season. The temperature on the island  tends to stay between 25 to 27°C throughout December, typically reaching lows of 21°C in the evenings. Hawaii’s warm weather, swaying palms, and festive decor make it a dreamy destination for those craving some sun this winter. Additionally, there is a variety of traditional Hawaiian Christmas activities, one of which includes watching Santa Claus arrive in an outrigger canoe from the beachfront. Why not embark on a Christmas Eve boat trip to one of the nearby islands, or try singing some Hawaiian Christmas songs like Mele Kalikimaka or Po La’i E?

photo of hawaii beach at sunset with blue skies and lilac clouds

2. Barbados

Barbados is a widely religious country, meaning that Barbadians tend to take Christmas celebrations very seriously – often decking their towns and cities out with twinkling lights and towering Christmas trees. The combination of white-sand beaches and Bajan traditions is certain to create an unforgettable holiday experience. One tradition worth partaking in is visiting Queen’s Park in the country’s capital of Bridgetown on Christmas morning. This gathering of people is often referred to as ‘Christmas at Queens’, and typically involves people dressing in their finest clothes and heading to the park after church on Christmas morning to listen to music and celebrate the holiday amongst friends. Visiting Barbados during Christmas time is an excellent option for those looking to dive into another culture’s festivities and explore something new. 

photo of a coconut wearing sunglasses and a christmas hat on a beach swing on the beach in barbados

3. Australia

As we are all aware, the seasons in the United Kingdom are opposite to those in Australia, meaning that our summer season is their winter season and vice versa. This means that Australia is a wonderful place to visit during the Christmas season, because they celebrate in a similar way to us, however they have the added perk of much warmer weather! This being said, there are some key differences, one of which is Christmas dinner. In Australia, this typically consists of roasting a turkey on the barbecue and spending the day in swimming shorts or a bikini, ensuring that you are taking full advantage of the summer season.

photo of three people carrying surf boards and wearing santa hats on the beach in australia

4. St Lucia

If you like the idea of spending your Christmas in a picturesque and blissful beach destination that allows you to experience a different culture’s Christmas festivities, then consider visiting St Lucia. In St Lucia, a sense of community is incredibly important, so much so that every year locals gather on the streets and beaches to enjoy a large feast of national and seasonal delicacies and dishes. This celebration is known as Jouvert and is definitely a must for those who adore the Caribbean! 

photo of the beach in st lucia with mountains in the background and palm trees

5. The Maldives

While all of the destinations listed are excellent places to spend Christmas for those looking to delve into culture from around the world, the Maldives is a fantastic option if you are perhaps seeking somewhere with a more luxurious feel. There are plenty of relaxing and lavish ocean bungalows available to rent throughout the Christmas season. Doing so would be ideal for families looking to enjoy an intimate and tranquil holiday in a warm destination. The temperature in the Maldives tends to range between 26 to 32°C, with a daily average of 27°C, making it particularly dreamy to those seeking some sun.

two beach beds with santa hats slung over the top on the beach in the maldives