Coffee addict itinerary

We all have things we can’t do without on holiday, a hairdryer, an MP3 player, a rubber duck alarm clock (don’t judge me), but any coffee addict knows that landing in a city that can’t make a good cup of coffee can spell disaster. So here is a round-the-world itinerary that will let you sip the best the world has to offer.

Start in Italy where you will sip your espresso at the bar.

Ethiopia The coffee bean was discovered here in the 9th century – that was ages before Starbucks opened.

Vietnam Try a Ca phe sua nong, black coffee mixed with sweetened condensed milk. Vietnam is now the second biggest coffee producer in the world.

New Zealand Wellington and Auckland both have a strong cafe culture. New Zealand is the home of the Flat White which is 1/3 espresso and 2/3 steamed milk.

New York Sip like a local by getting coffee to go.

Seattle It may be the home of Starbucks, but most residents hang out in their local cafes. Be specific when you order and you will fit right in. State amount of espresso + size + type of milk (ex. double, short, non-fat).

Brazil Brazil is the biggest coffee producer in the world so serious coffee addicts will never be short of a caffeine hit.

Then fly home with a bounce in your step.

I’m sure I’ve missed out plenty of top coffees, do you have any cities I can add to the itinerary?