Don’t Blow the Budget in Dubai

When I think of Dubai I see huge glittering shopping malls with more attractions than the average UK town, world-beating high-rise buildings, man-made islands and swish hotels. And I think EXPENSIVE! But it doesn’t have to be. There are plenty of free and cheap things to do in Dubai and to save you the hard work, we’ve even put together this list of the best ones.

Farjam Collection

Dubai can be a bit of a cultural wasteland so it’s nice to see someone bucking the trend. This collection is in the private hands of an Iranian who has very kindly opened his doors to the viewing public for free. It covers different styles of Islamic art with artwork and decorative items spanning the history of Islam. There’s an iPod tour you can listen too as well without paying a penny!

Creekside Walk

In a city more built for cars than pedestrians, it’s all too easy to join in with the crowds and get around by bus, car or taxi. But why not head for a stroll on one of Dubai’s few walking routes? Take yourself off to the Creekside Park for a wander around the gardens then head along the promenade and spare some small change to take the abra across the bay. From here it’s easy to explore Bur Dubai and the Bastakiya. Our top tip here is to look out for the wonders of Hindi Lane.

Palm Island Tram

For a small fee you can get yourself on the tram that goes around Palm Island, on of Dubai’s man made islands, self-styled as one of the modern world’s man-made wonders. See the island up close, and enjoy the beautiful views.

Jumeirah Mosque

It’s easy to overlook the religious side of the city when you hop from mall to souk and back to mall again, so make time to give your purse a rest and head to the city’s most beautiful mosque. You’ll have to get yourself on one of the regular tours to see the inside, but if you’re too busy then go and see the mosque after sunset when it’s beautifully lit up.

Heritage and Diving Village Shindagha

A recreation of a traditional village, you can experience what life was like in Dubai before all the money came rolling in. See potters and weavers plying their trade and there is a growing focus on the diving village too, recreating some of the other trades in this city’s past. Some of the stalls sell their wares so it’s a great place to get some traditional souvenirs, and look out for evening events that happen here too.

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