Events You Can’t Afford To Miss In Dallas

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Every now and then you will read about an event that sounds so delightfully fun, that it makes you acutely sad to miss it – prompting you to book that bus/train/plane ticket no matter the cost! Some events that spring to mind are La Tomatina in Spain, Glastonbury Festival in England and the Rio Carnival.

However, one place which exudes this sort of event is, wait for it, Dallas – not what you were expecting? Don’t let the TV show of the same name cloud your opinions of this Texan city – from the State Fair of Texas which includes pig races and butter sculptures, to Doggie Splash Day (with canine bikini contests) there is sure to be something that will not only be right up your street, but will be a truly unique experience! Here are our pick of the best!

The Texas State Fair

Dallas Texas State Fair
[Photo by Chris Humphrey – Flickr]

Lots of states in the US have their own fair, but it is widely recognised that the Texas State Fair is one of the best – it was founded in 1886 and every year it lasts a whopping 24 days. It’s an event that is not taken lightly with the Texas Skyway (an airborne gondola system) being built for the sole purpose of taking people around the fair, costing an enormous £5 million to create! Highlights of this incredible event include pig racing, a huge auto show and most importantly, butter sculpting competitions.

Scarborough Renaissance Festival

dallas scarborough renaissance festival
[Photo by Steve Rainwater – Flickr]

This day of revelry takes place on the outskirts of Dallas in Waxachie, and is a historical reenactment on a grand scale! The day tends to centre around the 16th century and in particular the rule of King Henry VIII – there is of course the traditional acting itself which is done by around 150 volunteers but what this sets this event apart is how involved it allows you to be. The festival has an area where you can buy artisan goods, whilst watching them being made in the traditional way, alongside a Tudor themed food court allowing you to immerse yourself in the era.

Great Texas Balloon Race

Dallas Great texas Balloon Race
[Photo by Odin1eye – Flickr]

So, the Great Texas Balloon Race isn’t technically in Dallas, but trust us when we say that the two-hour drive to Longview for this incredible spectacle is more than worth it! The main event is a race around Kilgore and Longview with drivers coming from around the country to compete. However, do not fear if you are not brave/experienced enough – there are also balloon glows (like the one pictured) to entertain the crowds and create the perfect picture moment, and a series of bouncy castles and bungee runs at Kidsland for families to enjoy.

Doggie Splash Day

Dallas doggie splash day
[Photo by A Cromwell – Flickr]

There are a number of dog pool days in Dallas allowing dog lovers to take their canine companions for a cooling dip with them. The very best of these days will include competitive swimming and canine bikini competitions. One of our favourites is the Dog Splash day in Grand Prairie which takes place in a water park, going one step better than the average pool. To get involved find a friend with a pooch and start the hunt for that evasive all flattering bathing suit, only this time it’s not for you!

Love Is In The Air

Dallas Love Is In the Air

This is one Valentines event with a difference, one that won’t leave you feeling nauseous after witnessing one too many PDAs. For the last few years the Texas Discovery Gardens have put on an event where you can enjoy sunset in the butterfly house, chow down on some chocolate covered insects and have a lecture on the reproduction and mating habits of bugs, ensuring that you leave with butterflies in your stomach and are a whole lot smarter! Now, doesn’t that sound better than joining the hordes at the romcom of the season, or in an over-packed, over-priced restaurant?

Quake Con

Dallas Quake Con

Quake Con is a gamer’s paradise – this year the event saw record numbers of 12,000 like-minded people gather to play the games they love with friends and family. It’s a ground-up event which is mainly led by volunteers giving the convention a laid back, friendly vibe. The annual event is Bethesda themed so brush up on your knowledge of the games, and get practising because at an event like this the competition is going to be stiff!

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