Quick Guide to Spain

Boasting the largest number of UNESCO World Heritage Cities of any country, as well as a diverse range of sun-filled beach and package holidays, Spain is a perennial favourite with all sorts of holidaymakers from the UK. Spain was one of the first holiday destinations overseas that we flocked to in our masses, and the enduring popularity of cheap holidays to Spain shows no sign of stopping in 2018. So if you're looking for a discount holiday package we suggest you book early as popular resorts are already booking up fast.

Spain holidays can offer it all - from world-class clubbing in Ibiza to the Anglo-centric resorts with huge beaches on the Costa del Sol and the Costa Blanca, to the stunning cities such as Seville and Barcelona, and the heavy-hitters in the culture stakes like Bilbao and Madrid. And all Spain holidays are bathed in such more sunshine than you could ever hope for if you stayed at home!

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When you find yourself in need of a holiday in a hurry, you can find cheap 2018 and 2019 Spain holidays over on our last minute page.

But gone are the days when this was the only way to get to Spain, whisked from plane to resort and back again. More and more people are branching out and booking their hotels and flights separately, to tailor-make their Spanish holiday experience. Add a hire car in Spain and the whole country is your oyster!

Other Destinations in Spain

Top 5 Spanish Festivals


They have more than their fair share of parties in Spain with festivals, street parties and more across the country - if you want to learn more go to our Spanish destination pages for details of these regional events. Here are a couple of the main ones, most of which come with a warning to "attend at your own risk"!

Fallas Fiesta
Fallas Fiesta in Valencia certainly kicks off this list with a risky one. Loud explosions and firecrackers abound as giant caricatures of politicians and celebrities are paraded through the street and set on fire. But it's not an ordinary fire, this one is crammed with fireworks! Three million people aren't put off by the danger each year.
Semana Santa
Semana Santa is the celebration of Holy Week, which is a Big Deal in Catholic Spain, so avoid going on your holiday here if you want things to be open like normal and to have a peaceful time. Villages, towns and cities alike all put on a great show, but head to Seville, Grenada and Malaga for the best. Here you'll find huge wooden floats depicting scenes from the bible.
Running of the Bulls
Running of the Bulls is probably Spain's best known event, as well as one of its most dangerous. It's as simple and as complicated as six bulls chasing hundreds of runners as they make their way through the narrow streets of Pamplona, which is enough to make a million people show up to watch.
Tomatina Tomato Fight
Tomatina Tomato Fight in Bunol near Valencia is definitely the messiest and silliest festival. This huge annual event involves everyone flinging tomatoes at each other for exactly one hour - and then the party carries on without a further bad word (or tomato) thrown.
The Carnival
Rivalling Rio de Janeiro's festivities, Spain puts on a Carnival that boasts the brightest of costumes, the loudest of music, and oodles of fun.

Quick Breaks in Spain

Spain has been one of British tourist's favourite destinations, and for good reason. It's sunny, it's relatively cheap, it's close by and there are city breaks or beach getaways that appeal to the masses. There's a host of museums, parks and art galleries (and stunningly beautiful architecture) that you would be more than happy to wander around.

A whirlwind trip to Ibiza has been braved by many - strong cocktails, long days at the beach and even more hours clubbing until the early hours. Little do most people know, a boat trip to Valencia isn't too far (or expensive).

Days of tapas and sangria in Barcelona can be combined with a day trip to Girona or Costa Brava.

On your Seville getaway, plan an outing to Grenada or Cadiz.

Quick breaks in Spain are pretty easy to come by. Come to think of it, that's a pretty great selling point too.

Family Holidays in Spain

Spain is family-friendly, and for so many reasons. With more than 1,350 miles of coastline to its name, the beach is a veritable playground for big and small but there are theme parks, great food and countless natural landscapes to explore.

If you want beaches, head to Majorca. As the largest of the Balearic Islands, you can go for the buzzing Puerto Pollensa, which has a great kids' play area, while there are plenty secluded coves sans the crowds in Cala D'Or.

Tenerife is the place to be for family adventures. Loro Parque is home not only to 1,400 parrots but sharks, orca whales and the biggest collection of penguins outside the Arctic. The fact that you're sat inside a tropical garden makes it all the more peculiar.

A Wild West theme park resides in Gran Canaria and it never fails to entertain the kids. In the little town of San Agustin, there are lasso stunts, gun fights and can-can girls to make you feel as though you've been transported back in time.

For a run-of-the-mill but no less fun experience, waterparks always succeed in pleasing the whole family. Aguamar Water Park in Ibiza takes the cake in being one of Spain's best. From the Black Hole to Super Toboggan, zip, zoom and slide around for the day in the sun.

What to do on holidays in Spain

For a large percentage of us, a holiday in Spain means nothing more and nothing less than days spent sunbathing and swimming, accompanied by eating and drinking, which carries on into the night with partying! Fancy branching out? How about a day trip to picturesque Ronda, time spent strolling the Alhambra Palace in Granada, or a quick trip to the futuristic style of the Science Park in Valencia.

If you want to mix it up without moving too far from your sunlounger, then you could time your holiday to coincide with one of the local festivals. Many resorts boast annual festivals, but be sure to book early in 2018 to get the cheapest prices! Or of course you could make the event the focal point of your holiday in Spain.

Where to go on holidays in Spain

There are so many cheap flights to Spain holiday destinations that you'll be spoilt for choice. Thanks to low-cost airlines you can now get to virtually all of Spain for less than a return train ticket here in the UK. There's just no excuse not to arrange yourself a cheap holiday to Spain and soak up the sun, delicious food and great culture. Plus, since there are so many great resorts, there are loads of last minute deals to be found as well. Great if you don't mind where you go!

It's not a secret that Ibiza is one of the coolest party destinations in the world, whilst Majorca Rocks on the nearby island of Majorca is fast gaining in stature too. If you're just after a cheap holiday to Spain that involves the beach and sun then great value resorts abound. You could choose from Majorca, the Costa del Sol, the Costa Blanca and the Costa Brava. Resorts include Benalmadena, Benidorm and Lloret de Mar, and everywhere you will find options for all inclusive holidays in Spain as well as lively towns, pretty beaches and a good scattering of other attractions too.

But holidays to Spain needn't be all about the beaches - there are some amazing city break destinations in Spain as well. Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia and Seville are big hits with us Brits, and with art, culture, history and more we can see why. Up-and-coming destinations for a city break in Spain include Bilbao, Leon, Cadiz and San Sebastian, the last of which is best known as being a hotspot for Michelin-starred food, so make sure you take your credit card.

Food and Drink in Spain

If there's one thing Spain's known for, it's the incredible cuisine that fills hungry bellies from Seville all the way up to San Sebastian. Stemming from a long culinary history, each region has different specialties - the one thing they have in common is they're all delicious! Try paella in Valencia, Cava in Catalonia, and tapas across the country (except for Basque Country, where they're called pintxos). Dishes you'll find everywhere include patatas bravas - potatoes in a spicy sauce - jamon (ham), gazpacho and churros (like Spanish doughnuts) for dessert. Loosened belts at the ready!