Festive Foods To Try From Across Europe

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The festive season is upon us, and while we’re normally jetting off for mini breaks in European cities, this year we’ll be staying at home. This doesn’t mean that we should miss out on all of those festive treats found at Christmas markets and served in restaurants over the festive period. We’ve rounded up our must-eats to try before the 25th December hits.

Mince Pies – England

Is it even Christmas if you’ve not bitten into a mince pie? The answer is obviously a resounding no. This sweet pie originating from England is crammed with spices, sultanas and other dried fruit and can be found in shops across the UK. For the very tastiest, we recommend buying freshly-made ones from a local bakery. Or, if you’re feeling nifty in the kitchen, you could try this simple recipe.

Speculoos – Brussels

These spicy, comforting biscuits have found fame in recent years due to the spreads and hot chocolates inspired by them, however they began in Belgium as a festive treat. In Brussels, large speculoos Christmas trees are baked each year. While you could, of course, simply dip a Lotus biscuit into your next cup of tea, we recommend trying something more authentic and making your own.


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Fried Carp with Potato Salad – Czech Republic

In the Czech Republic, the traditional Christmas dinner is a steaming plate of fried carp with potato salad. This tradition dates as far back as the 17th century. While this is a very different festive dish to Britain’s favoured turkey, it’s not too far from our best known meal – fish ‘n’ chips – so it’s well worth trying out for yourself. We like this traditional recipe.

Rice Pudding – Denmark

In Denmark, the traditional Christmas pudding is a comforting, creamy rice pudding laden with almonds and often topped with fruits. Delicious! Many families play a game in which one whole almond is left in the dish and whoever finds it wins a prize. To be in with a chance to enjoy some festive good luck yourself, why not try making it for your whole family?


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Panettone – Italy

Panettone began life as a Christmas treat due to its decadence. This buttery, fruity dense bread or cake would have been too expensive to enjoy all year round, so it was saved for the most special of occasions. Is there any day more special than Christmas? Here at dealchecker, we’re big fans of having panettone for breakfast on Christmas morning. Lots of Italian restaurants and delis in the UK sell ready-made Panettone, but Great British Bake Off fans might prefer to make their own with this recipe.

Happy festive feasting!