Quick Guide to Italy

Just the word Italy conjures up images of open piazzas, delicious piles of pasta, the rolling Tuscan countryside, the ruins of Ancient Rome and row upon row of gelato - that's ice cream to you and me. There are so many different holidays to Italy available, that we wouldn't blame you for never wanting to go to another country ever again. Start planning your cheap holidays to Italy in 2018!

From the celebrity-haunt dotted banks of Lake Garda and the Italian Alps in the north, through fantastic cities like Rome, Florence, Venice and Naples, to the stunning southern resorts along the Amalfi Coast and the islands of Sardinia and Sicily, there is a wealth of places to choose from when it comes to deciding where you'll head on your holiday to Italy.

Wherever you go on your holiday to Italy, be sure to keep by some money in your budget for food - it's not generally that expensive here but you will want to try plenty of it. Specialities vary by region and often by town so there's always something new to try!

Fab holidays for:

Food fans, History & art buffs, Fashion fiends

Main Airports:

Rome, Milan, Venice

Did you know?

Pizza was first made in Naples sometime around the 1860s. The southern Italian city still does the world's best margaritas. Probably.

Other Destinations in Italy

Where to go on holiday in Italy

The Top

We can't possibly cover all the amazing destinations contained in Italy, but here are a few ideas for some very different idyllic Italian holidays.

Seaside Holidays
The Amalfi Coast is the typical seaside holiday destination, with Amalfi and Positano both simply gorgeous. Capri and Cinque Terre are also popular and of course heading to island Sicily and Sardinia will put you close to the coast wherever you go. Don't overlook the Tuscan coast either for a beach holiday to Italy.
Foodie Holidays
Let's be honest, there is no bad place to go for food in Italy. It's no surprise that Tuscany makes it on to this list too, with olive oil, bread and grilled meats the specialty. Try Naples for pizza, Gallipoli for seafood and Puglia for all-out great food and wine wherever you go - perhaps a hire car will be needed!
Cultural Holidays
There are the remains of the Roman Empire as well as some Ancient Greek relics so it's not hard to get a little culture on your holiday to Italy, but if you want to up the ante try Rome, Positano, Calabria and Venice, as well as a day trip to Pompeii.
Nature Holidays
It's easy to overlook the amazing natural beauty that abounds in Italy when there are so many other things going for it - but try a holiday to Chianti in Tuscany, the Gran Paradiso National Park in the Alps, Lake Maggiore or Iseo, and the Egadi or Pelagian Islands for a really eye-opening Italian holiday that gets you back to nature.
City Breaks
One of the most popular ways to visit Italy is for a city break and all the big hitters are the top Italy city break destinations for a reason! Rome, Florence, Naples, Pisa and Milan are all wonderful - you could also try Modena, Palermo, Turin and Verona.

How to get to Italy

There are cheap flights to Italy available from every UK airport, although not all will serve all the Italian holiday destinations. Check around a few airports to see if you can find the best cheap flights - and don't settle for indirect ones!

It's also worth looking for package holidays to Italy if you're just looking for a sunny break, as you'll have all your travel and accommodation arranged together, and then all you have to do is relax!

Whatever way you choose to go, avoid the school holidays and you'll be able to bag a great Italy holiday deals whatever time of year you want to go.

Things to do in Italy

Depending on where you go, there are countless of attractions to visit in Italy, from the iconic Colosseum in Rome, to Pisa's Leaning Tower. As well as historical architecture like this, there are beaches and beautiful seaside towns of the Amalfi Coast, then there are the verdant landscapes of Tuscany offering miles of walking trails among ripe vineyards.

If you're a keen skier, head to the Alps for swathes of powdery snow in resorts like Passo Tonale and Cortina D'Ampezzo. If you prefer to spend your holiday sampling the best of Italy's world-famous cuisine, Lombardy residents pride themselves on flavoursome risottos, and Florence is the country's gelato capital. Whereas some of Italy's best tiramisu can be found in Veneto.

Culture vultures are in for a treat in Italy's refined cities. Verona is home to one of the best preserved Roman amphitheatres of its kind, where in summer, thousands of classical music lovers congregate for the city's annual opera festival. You can also view some of the world's most iconic pieces of art - Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel in The Vatican and the statue of David in Florence.