Five Pink Hotels for a Barbiecore Getaway This Summer

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“I’m a Barbie girl in a Barbie world” or at least, we very much want to be! The Barbie movie is finally set to hit screens on the 21st July, but Barbiecore hit popular culture much much earlier on this year and now we’re left craving all things pink, including our getaways. These are some of the pinkest of hotels to let you live the Barbie life to the fullest.

5. Villa Cora, Florence

Located in Florence, the pale pink-hued Villa Cora was originally designed as a gift by Baron Oppenheim for his wife in the 1870s. He spared no expense and there are gilded gold ceilings, extravagant chandeliers and marble statues galore. Outside and downstairs, it’s a more modern affair. Here, you’ll find a large heated outdoor pool and a sprawling spa where you can sweat away worries in the steam and spa room. This is Barbie at her fanciest—pack your wide-brimmed hat and most luxe sunglasses to feel at home here.

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4. The Beverly Hills Hotel, Los Angeles

While Barbie lives just 20 miles away from the Beverly Hills Hotel in Malibu, we’re so sure that she’d be brunching here each weekend. This five-star “Pink Palace” is credited with bringing much of the glamour that the 90210 postcode is so well known for. It’s not just the exterior of the hotel that’s a pale pink hue, there are accents of the colour throughout: both inside and beside the pool. To get a sense of how truly plush this hotel is, look to the poolside pop-up boutique and spa this year, courtesy of none other than Dior! While this all sounds fun and frivolous, this is a hotel that takes relaxation seriously. It’s a 12-acre idyll in the heart of Los Angeles, and tropical gardens ensure that city life feels a million miles away (when in reality it’s just around the corner).

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3. The Belmond Mount Nelson Hotel, Cape Town

Centrally located in the heart of Cape Town, The Belmond Mount Nelson Hotel provides a plush place to stay while guests are still able to visit all the sights on foot. This five-star hotel was built in 1899 and then painted pink as a tribute to the peace announced at the end of World War I in 1918. It’s a sprawling hotel with over 190 rooms—these are split between traditional hotel rooms and cottages replete with their own rose gardens (we know where Barbie would stay!). It has all the amenities to match its size and there are two pools, tennis courts and yoga classes held in the gardens here. It’s the high tea that the hotel is so well known for so be sure to factor that into your itinerary!

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2. The Trixie Motel, Palm Springs

The Trixie Motel is the smallest of the hotels on our list with just seven rooms, but wow does it pack a Barbie punch! The motel actually featured in a TV series of the same name, as drag queen Trixie Mattell and their partner took on the old motel and rejuvenated it to its current form. Each of the rooms is themed and distinctly fun—there’s a cowgirl suite, a flower power suite and a Malibu Barbara room to name but a few of your options. It’s not just the interiors that are decidedly Barbie, the poolside is entirely pink from the walls to the towels and the parasols. The surrounding area of Coachella Valley is great for hiking and horseriding so be sure to pack more practical attire alongside your glad rags.

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1. Wi-Ki Woo Hotel, Ibiza

Lots of the hotels on this list are pretty upscale and while they are truly lovely, sometimes Barbie just wants to let her hair down! That’s where the Wi-Ki Woo Hotel steps in. Located beside the Sunset Strip in San Antonio, Ibiza, the hotel is well situated for those wanting to dance as the sun goes down at Café Mambo and Café del Mar. The area is famed for its sunsets and so the party starts early here. The hotel itself is all about fun. Pastel pinks adorn the hotel’s outdoor pool and surrounding bar area, and a plush cocktail bar hides behind a sliding wardrobe door. It’s an excellent spot for a getaway with friends, and the aforementioned bar is even available for private hire replete with a DJ.

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