Bizarre Hotel of the Month: Stay in a Bubble

You know that expression, ‘living in a bubble’? Well how would you like to literally do just that? We’ve happened across a whole range of luxurious bubble tents currently located in many scenic spots across the French countryside.

bubble hotel in forest

The bubbles’ designer Pierre-Stephane Dumas created them as a way of allowing stressed-out city dwellers to get back to nature. As you would imagine you’re going to get a pretty incredible 360° view from the inside of a transparent bubble, and a magnificent sky view from your bed on a starry night.

bubble hotel at night

To be clear this is a pretty luxurious way of getting back to nature – the bubbles are clearly more sophisticated than your typical tent, and at some resorts packages include food, champagne and even chamber music courtesy of a local music school.

bubble hotel on beach

These bubbles aren’t likely to burst any time soon. They’re made from recycled plastic and kept inflated by constant air currents being pumped in (silently) to maintain the interior pressure.

In addition to being designed to showcase natural surroundings the bubble design amplifies interior noises – so guests are encouraged to whisper to one another. Which makes for a pretty peaceful getaway.

bubble hotel in field

If you want to try one out, the bubble tree website has a list of all the locations you’ll find them at across France, and you can buy vouchers that are valid at their locations here.

Ps: don’t worry, for shy retiring British types with zero exhibitionist tendencies there is an opaque option available:

bubble hotel not see through

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