Good News Tuesday: 12th December 2023

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This week’s Good News Tuesday includes stories about dogs, pasta and chocolate—surely three of the nation’s favourite things? Enjoy!

Strike A Paws

A drug that could help large dogs live longer and improve their quality of life is currently in development. At the moment, breeds like the Bernese mountain dog and the Great Dane only live for around eight to ten years, however this new drug—which would be administered in the form of an injection—lowers levels of a certain hormone that is linked to an animal’s size and metabolism.

If you fancy admiring some photographs of some particularly inspirational service dogs, then the Saatchi Gallery in London is currently showing a free exhibition by revered photographer Rankin!

A Celebration of Dogs with Jobs, until 18th December 2023


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Carb Your Enthusiasm

While we’ve always known that pasta is one of life’s greatest yet simplest pleasures, it’s now been officially linked to happiness! A recent study conducted by the Behavioral & Brain Lab at Milan’s IULM University in collaboration with Unione Italiana Food monitored people’s brain activity when they ate pasta. Results showed a similar emotional-cognitive state to the one that’s induced by listening to music or watching sport, which could be because the comfort food is often associated with meals with loved ones, or it may just be the fact that it’s delizioso. As the director of La Dolce Vita, Federico Fellini, once said: ‘Life is a combination of magic and pasta’! We certainly hope so…


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Buried Treasure

A group of amateur archaeologists has unearthed the remains of a 15th-century palace in Northamptonshire after five years of searching. The Tudor Collyweston Palace was the home of Henry VIII’s mother Lady Margaret Beaufort. While the palace hosted some important historical events, including the pre-wedding party for Margaret Tudor and James IV of Scotland in 1503, it was rundown by the mid-1700s and there were little records left of its existence! The CHAPS (Collyweston Historical and Preservation Society) used a radar to help locate the palace walls and foundations, and have now raised more awareness and funds to be able to continue excavations.

Square of Chocolate

An artisan chocolatier from Sussex sculpted a life-size statue of the actor Timothée Chalamet in his role of Willy Wonka in the newly-released blockbuster Wonka. The 6ft2 edible artwork is made of 100kg of Belgian chocolate and took five weeks to create. First unveiled in Trafalgar Square, it has since been moved away from the unpredictable London weather and any peckish members of the public!


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And finally…

This week, yet another newsreader had a mishap that went viral and gave us all some light relief from the reality of the actual news… Here are a few more of the year’s best news bloopers for you to look back on and enjoy!