If You Only Eat In Three Places In Madrid, Make Sure You Go Here

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Recently, dealchecker Fahad spent a long weekend in Madrid. He gave us his top tips for eating out in the city.

For me, eating the local cuisine when on holiday is a must – and Madrid was no exception! Here are some of the spots where I ate during my weekend away.

La Mi Venta Restaurant, Plaza de la Marina


We dined at La Mi Venta Restaurant for lunch and ordered seafood paella. The classic sharing rice dish, which originates from Spain, was cooked with squid, prawns, shelled clams and mussels. This was the first time I’d tried Paella, and it definitely didn’t disappoint! It was rich in flavour and there was plenty of food for all three of us.


The restaurant’s interior was beautiful and featured antique design features, which were perfectly accompanied by great staff and delicious food.

Tapa Tapa, Calle de la Montera


Tapas is very popular in Spanish cuisine. Essentially, it’s multiple small portion snacks (tapa) that add up to make a full meal. Tapa can be hot or cold, and the idea is to gather and socialise with friends while sharing food and drinking. Some of the snacks we ordered included potato omelette (very popular in Spain), croquettes, shrimps, prawns, chicken, and patatas bravas (another traditional choice).


The ambience at Tapa Tapa was very calm and not too noisy compared to other bars, so you could talk easily with friends. It had a television showing football – that night it was Rayo Vallecano vs Real Madrid – and very nice staff.

Chocolateria San Gines, Pasadizo de San Gines


After spending all day exploring Madrid, eating dessert was a nice way to relax and top off the day. Chocolateria San Gines is a popular spot for churros, which also originated from Spain (and Portugal). Churros are long donut-like pastries and are often served with chocolate sauce. In Spain, this chocolate sauce is meant for dipping, while other places like The Netherlands serve shorter churros in a cone, smothered in sauce.


There are three of these shops literally a few feet away from each other, so there’s plenty of space to eat in or grab a takeaway fairly quickly.

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