Instagram-Worthy Evora

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Like the rest of Portugal, the pretty medieval town of Evora has been graced with almost perennial sunshine and delectable cuisine, making it a popular spot for a weekend break. On top of that, it’s a beautiful place, and one that’s likely to inspire feelings of envy in your friends when you upload your holiday snaps. So to give you a taster, we’ve rounded up some of Evora’s prettiest spots which will get those Instagram likes rolling in.

The University of the Holy Spirit

Evora’s university, which was founded in 1959, is flooded by tourists on an almost daily basis. They’re not, however, trying to increase their intellect, but are instead admiring the gorgeous facade of this magnificent building. White columns shelter intricate white and blue tiles, and provide a picturesque spot to stand in the cool on a hot summer’s day. A lovely courtyard out front is complemented by a fountain at its centre which gurgles all day long.

University of Holy Spirit

The Central Square

The pretty square of Praça do Giraldo has been witness to some hideous scenes. The Portuguese Inquisition swept through the town and the square was turned in to a regional court, leaving hundreds dead in its wake. The square itself is named after the folklore hero, Giraldo sem Pavor, who helped to defeat the Moors during the Christian crusades. Nowadays, however, there is no sign of bloodshed. Instead there are parasol-adorned cafes where tourists and locals alike sip on their coffees and impressive Gothic architecture sits alongside whitewashed buildings splashed with sunflower yellow.

picture of evora's main square

The Cathedral

Evora’s is the largest medieval cathedral in Portugal, no mean feat in a country full to the brim with amazing buildings. At a first glance, the building seems to be something of a stone monolith, but when you take a closer look, it’s incredibly detailed. The huge wooden door at the entrance is studded with intricate metalwork and a scaled lantern dome sits at its highest peak. Those choosing to enter the cathedral will be met with marble surrounds and intricate paintings, all of which provide a great photo opportunities!

picture of Evora's Cathedral

Roman Temple of Evora

Evora’s Roman Temple was built in the first Century and as such, it is something of a miracle that it still stands. The building has had a whole host of uses over the years, being at times a temple, a butcher’s shop, and a storehouse. Nowadays, only some of the external columns stand but it’s a spot where you can savour the history of the place…or just take a selfie in great surrounds.

picture of the Roman Temple in Evora

The Aqueduct

Yes, lots of places have aqueducts but most aren’t nine kilometres long and framed by almost constantly blue skies like Evora’s. Due to its impressive length, the aqueduct can be seen throughout the city, making it one of the most iconic structures in the region. To add to its sense of fame, it was designed by the same architect behind Lisbon‘s Belem Tower. To take a great photo of this monument, all you need to do is look up!

picture of an aquaduct

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