Mother’s Day Traditions Around the World

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Love for our mams pervades all corners of the globe, a shared respect that unites one and all.
Whether you lavish your mummy in priceless trinkets or prefer to get crafty and whip up something sentimental, Mother’s Day is the time to showcase your unrelenting admiration. But what about everyone else, you ask? How do people in other nations make their mums feel like number one? In answer to your question: we’ve compiled a list of uplifting customs and traditions practiced across the world, to showcase how much we love the women who birthed us and care for us. We heart you Mom!



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Over a ten-day stretch in October, the city of Kolkata in India celebrates the warrior goddess Durga, who is also the goddess of mothers. Over the course of the festival, thousands of people convene – clothed in dazzling traditional dress – to cherish this emblem of motherhood. From lavish feasts to live music, this vibrant religious festival provides an opportunity to showcase gratitude for your dearest female role model.



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In the African country of Ethiopia, Antrosht – Mother’s Day – is celebrated with the utmost vigour. At the tail end of the rainy season, families gather to celebrate with a three-day series of events dedicated to mums. Typically, family members shower their mummies with gifts and special treatment before dining on a traditional hash of lamb or bull. The celebration is crowned with upbeat dancing and a communal sing-song – for Brits, it would be a great chance to whip out your favourite Mariah impressions!



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The USA’s Mother’s Day isn’t all that different to the UK’s – respected matriarchs and female role models are showered in gifts. From mugs plastered with cherubic children’s faces to macaroni artworks – to add to the pile – family members pull out all the stops to make sure their mumma’s feel the love. The difference between the UK and the USA on Mother’s Day comes down to its founding: while the UK established its special day through religion, the USA’s day of celebration came to fruition in 1914, after activist Ann Maria Reeves Jarvis spent years campaigning against the plight of working-class mothers.



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Mother’s Day in Peru is so grandiose that it might just blow all other countries’ festivities out of the water. Over the course of one week, 92% of the country unites to honour motherhood with leisurely banquets, live music events and a plethora of thoughtful gifts. Similar to customs in other countries, the day has become synonymous with family and friends joining together to create valuable memories.



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On the second Sunday before Christmas, the Serbian celebration of Mother’s Day commences. In an unusual turn of events, mothers are awoken to ribbon-bound feet and the cheeky faces of their partners and children who are to blame. Escape from these silky shackles can only be bartered for with gifts and sweet treats, after which a day of feasting and frivolity can take place. On the following Sunday, fathers experience the same hostage scenario, but their bail comes in the form of Christmas gifts and a magnificent banquet.



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Mother’s Day in the UK takes place on the fourth Sunday of Lent, traditionally this was when Christians would visit their ‘mother church’. In today’s terms, Mothering Sunday presents an opportunity to shower your mum with affection – and outdo any pesky siblings with the most thoughtful gift. Alongside this, families join together to tuck into a lovingly prepared Sunday roast before venturing outside for a lazy afternoon walk – much needed after ingesting a kilo of roasted potatoes.



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Alongside vibrant bouquets and boxes of delectable choccies, some mothers in Finland get rewarded with a special commendation from the president. Every year the Finnish leader honours a selection of outstanding mothers who have been nominated by their local community or family. These mothers tend to be especially compassionate and selflessly dedicated to their roles, from foster mothers to mams raising children with special needs, this award aims to uplift women who are going above and beyond – we salute you ladies!