The Best Destinations to Celebrate New Year’s Eve Around the World

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Celebrating New Year’s Eve in an iconic and spectacular location is something that a lot of people dream about. We have compiled a list of the best places around the globe to travel to to commemorate the beginning of 2024!

Sydney, Australia

Each year on the 31st of December, a booming fireworks display takes place over Sydney Harbour Bridge. There is an average attendance of 1.6 million people who gather every year to see this marvellous show. The fireworks are accompanied by music and there are a wide range of bars and restaurants surrounding Sydney Harbour Bridge that host celebratory events, allowing attendees to dine and drink while enjoying a front row seat to the display (if you book early enough!).



Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai is well known for having a variety of spectacular New Year’s Eve events every year. From club nights to rooftop parties, Dubai is filled with beautiful skyscrapers, bars and nightclubs that go all out for New Year’s Eve. While Dubai is known for its fireworks display at the Burj Khalifa, one of the most popular ways to see in the new year is by watching the fireworks from a boat party!

If you’d like to find out more about Dubai’s New Year’s Eve boat parties, check out this link.

dubai fireworks

Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong hosts one of the most fantastic and memorable New Year’s Eve fireworks displays in the world. Unlike other similar events, many of the skyscrapers in Hong Kong are illuminated by neon lights in addition to the sparkling fireworks. This proves to be an unforgettable evening, and a great photo opportunity! While many choose to stand in the streets to admire the fireworks and glowing buildings, why not consider watching from a rooftop bar or nearby restaurant for a more festive and celebratory feel?

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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Each year, around two million people gather on Copacabana Beach to celebrate New Year’s Eve. Here you will find the annual beach party, where the drinks are flowing and you can experience an authentic and traditional Brazilian New Year’s celebration – and even socialise with the locals. Rio de Janeiro is known for being one of the world’s most popular News Year’s Eve destinations, while also being quite niche. If you’d like to go to a more organised event in Rio, consider going to Pestana Rio Atlantica Rooftop Deck Bar!

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New York, United States of America

One of the most famous New Year’s Eve locations in the world is New York! Every year, people from all over America watch the ball drop in Times Square, something that many only dream of seeing in person. Following this, there are a variety of incredible parties, making this a great location for groups of friends or couples who are partial to a drink and a dance. If you’d like to watch the fireworks display and ball drop from a more private location, there are a number of hotels, restaurants, and sky bars that surround Times Square and could prove to be great observation points! Alternatively, if you’re interested in joining the locals watching from the streets, it is recommended that you go watch from Broadway from 43rd to 50th streets, or down 7th Avenue from 43rd to 59th streets.

To find out more about the New Year’s Eve events available in New York, click here.

new york times square new years eve

Paris, France

Paris is a particularly dreamy location to go to for New Year’s Eve for those who are fantasising of a chic and elegant mini-break to begin 2023. Paris is a city with an undoubtedly luxurious feel, so why not dine in a gourmet restaurant and have cocktails in one of the well-reviewed bars before heading to a viewpoint to watch the fireworks display illuminate the Eiffel Tower? Recommended viewpoints include Champ De Mars, Trocadéro, or Pont de L’Alma.

fireworks over eiffel tower

Las Vegas, United States of America

For those who like to party, consider visiting Las Vegas this New Year’s Eve to paint the town red and have a night that you will never forget. There are limitless New Year’s Eve events in Las Vegas, many of which are bound to set the scene to make some magical memories. A particularly popular event is the Fremont. Street Experience located in Downtown Las Vegas. This event is an 80s and 90s themed dance party featuring live performances from music legends like Vanilla Ice and the Village people!

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fireworks over las vegas strip

The Bahamas

If you’re looking to venture somewhere where you can get a more cultural New Year’s Eve experience, why not visit the Bahamas? The Bahamas is famous for its annual New Year’s Eve parades which feature authentic Junkanoo dancing and music. This parade is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and has been described as Mardi Gras meets New Year’s Eve in Times Square – making it an excellent option for those who want to spend their NYE abroad this year.

Visit this link to read more about the Junkanoo parades.

bahamas flag with fireworks in the background

Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town is well known for its fireworks display at the V&A Waterfront. Depending on the vibe that you are after, there are a variety of venues located on the waterfront which could be a fantastic location for your New Year’s Eve night out. Baia is a restaurant that looks out onto the marina and has been well reviewed as a brilliant place to have some mouthwatering food while enjoying delicious wine and the spectacular views, ideal for those looking to celebrate the New Year in a more sophisticated way.

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fireworks on cape town beach

Yokohama, Japan

There are many New Year’s Eve countdown events hosted by restaurants annually in Yokohama. Some of the places that are particularly well reviewed for their delicious eats are Nanjya Monjya Café, Manchinro Honten, Azamino Ukai-tei, Baikotei, and SaliSali Curry. Much like the destinations mentioned previously, Yokohama also conducts a breathtaking fireworks display each year which lights up the city. If you fancy doing something more lowkey, why not head down to one of the city’s viewpoints with a bottle of bubbly to watch the display? One highly recommended viewpoint is Yashamita, where many gather each year to admire the fireworks.

yokohama fireworks