Must Have Apps for the Savvy Traveller

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Who doesn’t want to make the most of their travels? Thanks to the rise of the mobile phone app, it’s easier than ever! With the large variety of nifty location-based apps available, the other side of the world can become as familiar as your back garden – even for the most unorganised of us. If you’re planning your next trip and want to discover a few ways on how to enhance your holiday, here are our some of our favourite apps that may be just the ticket. So grab your phone and get downloading!

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Camera and photo apps

Word lens: Spotted an unfamiliar foreign phrase on a signpost? Prepare to be wowed as this app instantly translates printed words via your phone’s camera into your chosen language. Mind blowing? Available on iPhone and iPad for free, although you will have to shell out £6.99 for a language pack. Download from itunes here

Magic hour: If you fancy yourself as a bit of a photographer, this clever app will notify you when the best time of the day is to shoot based on your location, so you can really wow your friends back home with your holiday snaps. You can even set an alert slightly before magic hour starts, just in case you fall into that inevitable post-lunch snooze on the beach. Available for free on iPhone here.

Touch note: Managed to take a truly fantastic snap that easily rivals the postcards in the tourist shops? This app will allow you to create your own postcard, wording included, and will send it as a real life physical postcard! The app is free on iPhone, iPad and Android but each postcard costs a very reasonable £1.49 to send to your pals anywhere in the world, which would usually be cheaper than buying and sending a real postcard. Here’s where to download for iPhones and Android.

Google goggles: So you’ve stumbled upon a rather interesting-looking building on your sightseeing adventures, but alas you aren’t completely sure what exactly it is. Not a problem! Take a picture of it using your phone and this app will provide you with facts and information on your chosen object. Perfect if you didn’t have time for pre-holiday research on all the famous landmarks! Available for free Android.

Instagram: An obvious choice, but a classic nevertheless. Make your travel snaps even more mesmerizing with the large choice of filters available – 200 million people have already jumped on the bandwagon! Free on iPhone and Android.

Food and dining apps

Urban Spoon: Out and about in a new city and feeling a bit peckish? Urbanspoon will scan your location and help you find the closest restaurants and bars. Search by cuisine, price, distance and rating so you can find exactly what you fancy. Free from iTunes and Google Play.

Tipulator: Tipping can be a tricky one, especially when visiting another country. For some cultures, tipping is expected and encouraged whilst in others it can cause offence. From the bill, this app will calculate how much you should tip according to the country’s culture & practices, making sure everyone’s happy. Available on iPhone for £0.69.

Foodspotting: Got a craving for a very specific dish? With foodspotting you can search for a particular meal within a location, so if you’ve been recommended certain dishes prior to your visits, this is a great way to find which restaurant serves it, along with personal recommendations from those who have tried it. Available on iPhone, iPad and Android for free.

Health and well-being apps

Wolfram sun exposure: Are you prone to burning lobster-red once you’re hit the sun? Type in your location and this handy app will provide you with sun protection advice including how long you’re able to stay in the sun without burning and which level of SPF cream you should be using, leaving you to soak up the rays protected and guilt-free. Win! Available on iPhone and iPad for £0.69.

Travelsafe pro: We’re all prone to worry when holidaying abroad, travelling outside our comfort zone into a new country with a different culture and a different language can be quite nerve-wracking at times. What if you lose your passport? What if something terrible happens back home while you’re away? Travelsafe pro can help keep your mind at peace with their useful database of common emergency numbers for just about every country you could imagine, without internet connection necessary. Available on Android for £0.99.

JetLag Genie: One of the downsides to travelling is the dreaded jetlag which can interfere with your valuable holiday time. Jetlag genie can help solve this problem. Simply input your travel dates, destination and typical sleeping patterns and the app will provide you with a customized sleeping plan that will help you gradually settle into your new time zone to ensure you don’t sleep your trip away. Available on iPhone for £1.99.

Navigation apps

Pinpin ATM finder: A simple but extremely useful app for when you’re travelling abroad. If you’re out of cash and haven’t got a clue where to top up, simply pop in your address or use your GPS to find the nearest ATM. Free on Windows Phone.

Pindrop: You’ve happened to discover a rather lovely part of a new city you’re exploring, yet you’re pretty sure it would be near impossible to find it again without some help. Pindrop allows you to keep track of the locations you love, making your maps truly personal. You can even share your favourite places with friends so you can easily plan trips together and choose meeting points. Available on iPhone and Android for free.

Wifi finder: We’ve all been there, desperate to check your social media feed and feeling ever-so-slightly lost on holiday without Internet connection. Luckily, this app will use your GPS location to direct you to the nearest wifi hotspot so you can easily get your Internet fix. Hooray! Available in 144 locations worldwide and free from both iTunes and Google Play stores.

Foursquare: Another popular one that’s definitely worth a mention. Simply pop in your location and this app will provide you with a list of personal tips from visitors who have travelled there before you. From a beach to a bar, anything relevant in the area can be listed – a great way of discovering those hidden gems. Available on iPhone, Android and Windows phone.