Natural Wonder

Everybody likes lists of the best things to see and do, and the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World is probably both the most famous and the hardest to complete, as only one remains standing. These ancient man-made structures have been the inspiration for a current survey that is aiming to find the Seven Natural Wonders of the World and they are giving everyone a chance to vote on their favourite.

There’s so many beautiful locations here that we couldn’t resist checking some of them out, particularly some of the more obscure ones. If you want to see the whole list and vote for your favourite then click here, but not until you’ve read about some of the most amazing places on the globe.

Puerto Princesa Subterranean River, Philippines

Underground River

by crazyacey

Within the national park of the same name you’ll find an underground river that stretches for an astonishing 8.2km into the mountains. Inside, the scenery is pretty amazing with stalactites and stalagmites, huge chambers and plenty of wildlife too. The exit opens onto a lovely lagoon, home to monkeys, lizards and squirrels.

Dead Sea, Jordan

by jimmyweee

It just featured in our blog on amazing places to go for a swim, and rightly so! The shores of this super salty lake are the lowest point on Earth where you can stand on dry land  which makes them quite special in their own right without even taking a very floaty ‘swim’!

Yushan, Chinese Taipei

by ctsnow

Also known as Jade Mountain, this is the highest point in the Yushan National Park, and if you climb to the top you’ll pass an amazing array of landscapes, as well as a whole host of wildlife. Known for its scenery, geological features and the beauty of its sunrises and sunsets an active holiday in this part of the world sounds pretty appealing!

Bay of Fundy, Canada

Bay of Fundy, Medford Beach

by magnolia 1000

Known for having the highest tides on the planet, this odd fact means crazy rock formations and tidal effects galore. There are more bores and rapids here than you can shake a stick at, making a visit an exciting and spray-filed prospect. Add to that all the wildlife that have made this place their home, in particular the endangered Right Whale, and you’ve got an amazing holiday spot.
Sundarbans, Bangladesh and India

by Robert S Donovan

This huge mangrove forest is formed at the mouth of the River Ganges and amidst all the winding waterways, tiny islands and mudflats you can spot plenty of wildlife. The Bengal Tiger lives in this area which would certainly add excitement to any holiday, plus you’ll find crocodiles, spotted deer and much more.

top image by kashyap_hc