Our 2023 Travel Predictions

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The new year is fast approaching and so are the January sales, making now a great time to begin thinking about where you’d like to travel to in 2023! We have compiled a list of what we believe will be some of the most sought-after trips to embark on next year.


While cruises are stereotypically linked to the older generation and can be expensive, they have become increasingly popular amongst people of all ages in recent years. Cruises are convenient and efficient due to the range of amenities that can be found onboard, giving them a similar feel to a luxurious all inclusive holiday, however there’s the added thrill of days at sea and new destinations to explore. There are a wide variety of options to choose from depending on the vibe that you are looking for. Additionally, many cruise lines have introduced an open-seating system which provides passengers with a more flexible and relaxed feel when dining, giving guests the option to dine when and where they please – without seating restrictions. 

cruise ship on the ocean with a sunset behind


This once overlooked location is absolutely breathtaking and packed with pretty architecture. Those who adore destinations like Greece, Turkey, and Bulgaria are certain to fall in love with Albania’s undeniable charm. In addition to its cobblestone streets and sparkling turquoise waters, Albania is home to mouthwatering cuisine and delicious eateries. The Albanian Riviera is one of the country’s best-loved locations and is becoming increasingly popular amongst tourists. The Theth National Park features some of the most beautiful hidden gems of Albania including Grunas Waterfall. 

Photo of the coastline in albania with boats on the water and palm trees in the distance

European Capitals of Culture 

In 2022, the European Commission named three destinations the European Capitals of Culture: Esch in Luxembourg, Kaunas in Lithuania, and Novi Sad in Serbia. Esch boasts gorgeous architecture and scenery — its warm and friendly feel is one of the main qualities that attracts tourists to this quaint city. Additionally, Kaunas is a fantastic option for those looking to visit somewhere with a rich history. This city is home to Kaunas Castle (a traditional gothic castle that houses breathtaking art and artefacts), Pažaislis Monastery and Church, and numerous museums and historical tours. Located on the Danube River, the north Serbian town of Novi Sad is filled with ancient buildings, most of which are open to the public, making for a wonderful day trip. For those interested in the historical culture of this spectacular city, visits to the Petrovaradin Fortress and the statue of Svetozar Miletić are an absolute must. 

Photograph of the city pf Esch in Luxembourg surrounded by a moat

Costa Rica

The tropical and balmy country of Costa Rica has been a popular tourist destination for those within the United States for some time now, however, it has recently become increasingly popular amongst European tourists. Visiting Costa Rica provides tourists with a nature-filled holiday hiking through the magnificent rainforests, while also giving them the opportunity to head into the city of San Juan to socialise with the locals and dine in some of the delicious restaurants that the vibrant city has to offer. Alternatively, if you’re searching for an all inclusive holiday, there are a range of luxury hotels and resorts to choose from too. 

photo of waterfall in costa rice surrounded by foliage

Galapagos Islands

Going on holiday to the Galapagos Islands is something on a lot of people’s bucket lists. They are famous for their vibrant landscapes and scenic views, making this a wonderful destination for those seeking adventure. Additionally, the islands are home to a variety of magnificent animals, something that makes them particularly attractive to animal lovers and wildlife photographers. Travelling to this destination is a great way to spend a few weeks, and there are numerous popular cruise lines that travel to this part of the world.

photo of sealions on a white sand beach in the Galapagos islands