Top-Notch Travel News: Conquering Everest and Mountains of Chocolate

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Welcome to dealchecker’s very first instalment of topnotch travel news. Every week we will aim to bring you the best travel stories from around the world, help you discover a destination that you may have never heard of and tell you about an event that we are sure you’ll want to attend. This week we’re talking the world’s longest domestic flight, laying out new rules for climbing Everest and looking forward to conquering mountains of chocolate.

Nepal Set New Rules for Everest Climbers


Is climbing Everest on top of your bucket list? If it is, you might want to rethink it, as the Nepalese government have been advised to set new rules for climbers who want to scale the mountain. The new rules come after one of the deadliest seasons on record. All climbers seeking a permit must have already climbed one Nepali peak of 6,500 metres, and must also provide a certificate to prove that their fitness levels are good enough to reach the 8,848 metre peak. But even if you do all of those things you might be priced out of there – the climb will set you back hefty £29,000. Better get training! And saving, for that matter.

The World’s Longest Domestic Flight is 11 Hours!


What’s the longest flight you’ve ever been on? If you’ve not ventured too far outside Europe you’re looking at around six hours maximum. So who would have thought that the longest domestic flight (that’s a single flight within the same country) is 11 hours long! Really! We’re sure you are thinking ‘how is that possible?’ but you might be forgetting that Hawaii is in fact the 50th American state. Earlier this year Hawaiian airlines launched their whopping 5,095 mile route from Boston to the Hawaiian islands, making it the longest domestic flight in the world. So if you are a US citizen or legal resident you won’t even need a passport to fly.

Have You Heard of Tirana?


Albania’s vibrant capital of Tirana offers a whole lot to enjoy! Surrounded by mountains and filled with colourful Ottoman-era architecture, the city hides many secrets for you to uncover. There are plenty of museums to explore, art galleries and even a national park allowing you to see the lights of the city from a distance. Wander the city’s vast boulevards, past wall murals and quirky cafes which serve up Albanian delights like Borek, a pastry filled with herbs and cheese!

We’re Looking Forward to… International Chocolate Day!


We don’t need any reason to celebrate chocolate, but thankfully Friday the 13th (AAAAH) of September provides the perfect opportunity, with International Chocolate Day. Not to be confused with World Chocolate Day in July, International Chocolate Day is celebrated on the birthday of Milton S. Hershey, founder of Hershey’s Chocolate. We’ll be honest, whether it’s in July or September, we don’t need a day dedicated to eating the brown stuff!