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Australia is an incredibly picturesque country and offers up some of the most Instagrammable locations the world has to offer – think Uluru, Bondi Beach and Sydney Opera House. Most visitors head to the country’s east states, but lately Perth has been added to an increasing number of tourists’ itineraries. With its near-permanent blue sky, more than 40 kilometres of coastline, and burgeoning arts scene, there’s no shortage of scenes that will take your Instagram grid from zero to 100 in no time at all! Here are a few of our favourites.

Rottnest Island


While its pristine beaches, secluded coves and sparkling turquoise water offer more than enough photographic fodder, it’s Rottnest Island’s quokkas that are the real stars on this nature reserve just off the coast of Perth. The smiley little marsupials love humans and are always happy to put a smile on their dial for the camera!

Zebra Mural, Ootong & Lincoln Café

Unlike quokkas, zebra’s aren’t native to Perth. But that doesn’t mean the two technicoloured zebras in this fabulous mural don’t look right at home! The graffiti was created in conjunction with the local council, meaning that it won’t be scrubbed away anytime soon! After you’ve taken your Insta, head into the café itself for tasty chai chocolate pancakes.

Cottesloe Beach

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Before Instagram was a speck in its founders’ eyes, Cottesloe Beach was Perth’s most famous beach. Its clean white sand framed with Norfolk pine trees, coupled with bright blue water make for a classic Australian beach pic. Instagrammers love a good sea-sky-and-sand horizon shot here, as well as photos of the early 20th-century surf club.

Crawley Edge Boatshed

This humble blue boatshed is one of the most popular Instagram locations in all of Perth – and with its long jetty, and strong blue wood framed against the blue sky and water, it’s like it was designed just to be added to your grid. It was actually constructed in 1913 (not merely for the purposes of Instagram), and often you’ll have to line up for your turn.

Kings Park

Sure, Kings Park is the largest inner-city park in the world. But you won’t exactly capture that on Instagram – what you will capture through your phone camera, though, is an incredible view of the Perth city skyline with the Swan River in the foreground. Try and get there for sunset – your iPhone might not give it justice, but you should give it a red hot go!

Fremantle Arts Centre


Set in a Gothic-inspired former lunatic asylum, Fremantle Arts Centre is an Instagrammer’s dream. Not only are the main building and its surrounds bound to spruce up your grid, but there’s an ever-rotating roster of exhibitions, meaning you’ll always find something new to upload. There’s also a café where every dish appears to have been created just to garner you likes.


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