Spring Blossoms Around The World

After the dreary greyness of winter, the first blossoms of spring are one of the indicators that the weather really has turned for the sunnier. Early April is prime season for all of these blossoms to bloom, from locations near to very far. It’s likely that you’ll be able to see one or two blossoming trees near you, but what if you went in search of the Spring Festivals and huge blossom events that happen all around the world?

Plum Blossoms – Vale of Evesham


With its very own Blossom Trail around the Cotswold town of Broadway in the Vale of Evesham, you needn’t travel far to experience this spring beauty! And if you’re feeling particularly lazy, you’ll be pleased to hear that simply driving along the A45 will take you along most of this route! Use our UK breaks finder to search for deals on travel here.

Almond Blossoms – Salamanca

Tom Hilton

The province of Salamanca in Spain is well-known for its beautiful almond blossoms. You’re a bit late to join the annual party in Fregenda this year as the Fiesta del Almendro normally takes place in March but it’s certainly one to plan ahead for as the popularity means that the area books up quickly!

Peach Blossoms – Moc Chau


The Northern Highlands of Vietnam are a lush green paradise that burst into colour each spring with the peach blossom season. The wild trees fill the valley and the colour stretches as far as the eye can see – attracting day-trippers galore from nearby Hanoi. Best take your walking shoes though as the trails can get pretty tricky to navigate.

Cherry Blossoms – Japan


Perhaps the most famous blossom season of all, the Japanese are mad about their cherry blossoms with parties galore and stakeouts of the prime spots starting in the early hours of the day! You can find the beauties all over the country, with subtle differences in blooming dates reported in the news and all over the internet. The best country inns and spas book up really early so if you’re planning a trip then now’s the time to arrange your holiday for next year!