The Caribbean – Our Green List Haven

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A lot of the Caribbean is on the Green List, so there really is no time like the present to check out these pure shores and places to explore!

Antigua & Barbuda


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Named after its two main islands, Antigua and Barbuda is a Caribbean country known for its reef-lined shores, rainforests and golden beaches. Made up of a collection of islands, the country is full of Caribbean colour from the bright harbours to the blooming flora! On the island you’ll discover pink beaches, created from the coral surrounding the island and a mountain named after President Obama – formerly Boggy Peak, the mountain was renamed in 2009 to honour the new president.



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Famed world-over for their sea turtles, rum and flour-soft sands, Barbados is one of the most popular Caribbean islands in the world. In Barbados you’ll discover cerulean shores – primed and ready for snorkelling opportunities, while on dry land colourful beach huts offer relief from the Caribbean sunshine. It’s also a surfer’s paradise and offers some of the biggest waves in the region from November to June, with surfing competitions set up on the south and east coasts!



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You’ll no doubt have heard about the triangle that takes its namesake from this island – but don’t let that put you off visiting. If you do head to Bermuda, you’ll never be far from the beach, at 25 miles long and only two miles wide, whatever your location, you’ll only ever be one mile from the beach. Fun fact: Bermuda isn’t actually a Caribbean island, and is closer to North Carolina than the Bahamas, but it’s got all the ingredients that make a Caribbean holiday so desirable including beautiful beaches, turquoise waters, and plenty of sunshine.

British Virgin Islands


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Made up of four main islands, the British Virgin Islands is a British Overseas Territory in the Caribbean. With calm azure shores and stunning views of the island from the water, it is easy to see why the islands are so popular among the yachting community. When visiting, be sure to check out The Baths, set on Virgin Gorda, for mesmerising snorkelling opportunities, beautiful beaches, and an all round out-of-this-world experience.

Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands are synonymous with images of people swimming in shallow waters with stingrays, which – by the way – is without a doubt a must-do experience if you do decide to visit. But there’s much more to it! While you can swim in shallow waters, Cayman Brac is a popular launch point for deep sea fishing excursions and Little Cayman is home to an array of wildlife, on land and offshore! If you fancy a Caribbean island with some creature comforts, then this is the spot for you.



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Not to be confused with the Dominican Republic, Dominica is another island nation in the Caribbean. Offering a rugged coastline, hot springs and a tropical rainforest, this island is quite different from many others on our list. You’ll enjoy lush greenery everywhere you go, and if you head to Morne Trois Pitons National Park, you might even discover Boiling Lake, a flooded crater in the earth’s surface, heated by molten magma below. Don’t even think about swimming in it though, while temperatures can become cooler, they can fluctuate with no warning to boiling temperatures!


If you are looking for a laid-back spot in the Caribbean, then Grenada could be the spot for you. Not only does it offer those same stunning shores, but if you are active, there are plenty of spots to explore. Enjoy hiking through the forest-filled hills, discover hidden waterfalls, and offer your senses an adventure with a trip to the chocolate, nutmeg and rum factories. Saint George’s is the colourful capital, set on a hill overlooking the harbour – we’re sure that if you are looking to relax, this could be the spot for you.

Turks & Caicos

Turks and Caicos islands is an archipelago made up of 40 low-lying islands. Unlike many of the other islands on our list, the Turks and Caicos islands are far from mountainous, but do offer stunning snorkelling locations thanks to the coral reefs surrounding the archipelago. One of the main attractions of this stunning holiday spot is the Grand Turk Wall, an underwater sea wall running the length of the island which drops off to 2,134 metres in some places. This, of course, makes for stunning scuba diving opportunities, offered by plenty of companies on this island.