The January Travel Guide

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January can sometimes feel a little flat and like any festivities are behind us for a while, however there are still plenty of weird and wonderful happenings planned across the globe…

Harbin Ice Festival, China, Until March

Harbin Ice Festival, China

The city of Harbin, in northeast China, transforms into an enchanting wonderland each winter. The temperature in this part of the country drops to between -10 and -30°C at this time of the year, which makes it the optimum spot for winter sports and snowy sculptures. Visitors can wander between breathtaking buildings constructed of ice and ornamented Russian-style architecture, before getting involved in the thrilling activities in the amusement park.

Gujarat International Kite Festival, India, 8-14th

Gujarat Kite Festival

The state of Gujarat in the west of India has hosted a kite festival since 1989. The week-long event witnesses kites of all shapes and sizes take to the skies in a dazzling display. There are even battles, during which opponents try and cut each other’s strings! Enthusiasts from as far as the USA, Japan and China are known to travel to the festivities to fly their creations.

Dolomiti Balloon Festival, Italy, 6th-14th

Dolomiti Balloon Festival

The Dolomites are often overlooked in favour of other big-name mountain ranges, however they provide a truly spectacular backdrop to an adventurous Italian getaway. Each January, the lakeside resort of Dobiaco welcomes a fleet of hot air balloons for a week of adrenalin-fuelled rides and colourful skies. You can enjoy the event from the air, or if you’re not so keen on flying, from ground level instead – either way, the balloons look dazzling against the snowy peaks of this majestic landscape.

Mozart Week, Salzburg, Austria, 24th January – 4th February

Salzburg, Austria

Melodious classical music will ring out in the charming Austrian city of Salzburg this month – the birthplace of Mozart. Mozart Week is always held around the composer’s birthday, the 27th January, and presents orchestra concerts and recitals in venues across the city. If you’re visiting at this time, be sure to check out the museums dedicated to his life and work too – you can even get up close to some of his original instruments.

Where to book now?

Cruise ship

January means sales, so if you can, now is the time to shop around for your dream summer holiday or a fabulous cruise!

Where’s hot?

Tenerife, Canary Islands

The no-brainer sun, sea and sand holiday destination of the Canary Islands is still balmy in the depths of the UK winter, with temperatures of around 20°C on its popular volcanic islands of Lanzarote, Tenerife and Gran Canaria. There’s also a music festival that takes place across the archipelago around this time – this year, it starts on the 10th January and continues until the 9th February. Classical musicians and some of the world’s best philharmonic orchestras will take to stages all over the Canaries!