The Many Sides of Bulgaria

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Bulgaria is a country with a wealth of different experiences to offer – it has long sandy beaches which are adored by Brits, architecturally diverse cities, rugged mountains and vast green national parks.

Bulgaria’s reputation for being incredibly cheap is well founded. Your wallet will enjoy a nice holiday here too, but don’t think that means that the attractions are sub-standard. Bulgaria has some incredible landscapes that most would happily pay much much more to see.

Sunny Beach

We couldn’t write a blog about Bulgaria without featuring Sunny Beach. This 35-kilometre strip of golden sands on the Black Sea coastline has earned a reputation for hedonism: there are pints for less than £1, endless tequila shots and inhibitions are flung aside.

It won’t be for everyone, but you know what they say – if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em! For those looking to truly forget about reality, Sunny Beach might just be the ticket. Those looking for clubs should head to Disco Orange which hosts weekly Ministry of Sound nights as well as frequent neon paint parties for those looking to get especially messy.

a picture of Sunny Beach, Bulgaria

The Cities

There are a number of cities to appeal to visitors in Bulgaria. Varna sits on the coast and is home to a large Roman Baths complex. Plovdiv is a pretty option with its pastel coloured buildings and Roman theatre. But it is Sofia, Bulgaria’s capital, which draws in the most tourists.

Sofia is a city whose architecture decries its tumultuous past. It was occupied by the Greek, Roman and Ottoman Empire and then later on the Soviets. It makes for a fascinating city to explore. The huge domed Alexandar Nevsky Cathedral which can hold a congregation of up to 10,000 is on our must-see list. Alternatively, the National Archaeological Museum is situated in an incredibly ornate building and provides a great spot to while away an afternoon.

a picture of Sofia


Many people do not equate Bulgaria with skiing, but it is in fact, a great place to start with broad gentle slopes for beginners. Pamporovo is highly rated by those who have just started skiing. Whilst the 75-kilometre of piste at Bankso will appeal to more confident skiers.

With rugged peaks and white powdery snow, these are both incredibly picturesque locations. But what makes Bulgaria especially appealing as a ski location is the prices on offer here. The ski passes are much cheaper than those in western Europe and it’s possible to celebrate après-ski without breaking the bank. You can go for a three-course dinner in many of the restaurants here for less than £10.

a picture of someone skiing in Bulgaria

Natural Beauty

Bulgaria is endowed with so many breathtaking natural locations. From mountainous landscapes to wild flowers and animals to keep your eyes peeled for, there’s lots of landscapes to fall in love with. We’ll take you through some of the finest.

National Parks

There are three national parks in Bulgaria: the Pirin National Park, the Central Balkan National Park and the Vitosha. All three offer slightly different things but all are a nature lover’s dream.

The Central Balkan National Park is home to all manner of wildlife including the Eurasian brown bear, wolves and otters. The Pirin National Park is graced with tranquil lakes sheltered between the peaks of the Pirin Mountains. While the heights of Vitosha’s mountainsides are adorned by bright yellow tulips. Vitosha is located just outside of Sofia, making it a great place to go to escape the hustle and bustle of the city.

picture of the Pirin National Park

Mountain Ranges

Bulgaria houses several mountain ranges. The highest peaks are Musala (2925 metres), located in the Rila mountain range, and Vihren (2914 metres) in the Pirin mountains. Some of these mountain ranges were created by volcanoes, and there are hot springs across the country – which have become incredibly popular with tourists. The mineral waters at Devin are even believed to have healing qualities!

picture of the Rila Mountain


Bulgaria is home to some awe-inspiring waterfalls, offering hikers a satisfying reward to traversing the region. The Krushuna Falls are some of the most scenic, set in a forested area they combine flowing waters with lush green surroundings. There are daily buses between Sofia and Lovech, where you can catch a local bus to the village of Krushuna where the falls are situated. Those looking for a more challenging hike will love Raysko Praskalo, which is the highest waterfall in Bulgaria and requires a four-hour hike to get to.

picture of the Krushuna mountain range

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