Top 10 Celebrations Around the Globe to Look Forward to

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We’ve been inundated recently with festivals and here at dealchecker, our office is showing the brunt of it. There are cobwebs over chairs, sparklers at the ready and a general lingering air of excitement. Unable to let go of the celebratory spirit, we’ve rounded up events from around the globe that we’re tempted to book flight tickets to straight away!

1. King’s Day – Amsterdam

When it comes to celebrating their monarch’s birthday, the Dutch certainly do so in style. King Willem-Alexander’s birthday lands on the 27th April and the date is a public holiday. There are carnival-style celebrations across the country and Amsterdam is a hub for these festivities. There are street parties, huge festivals, boat parties and jumble sales aplenty meaning that there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Families will love the flea market in the Vondelpark, where children have the opportunity to flog their old toys and books. The city becomes a sea of orange (the Dutch Royal Family’s traditional colour) so be sure to get involved and don your brightest attire.

2. Burning the Clocks – Brighton

Many of us spend the shortest day of the year wishing that we were in hibernation, but not the residents of Brighton. The winter solstice is an event to be celebrated in this trendy seaside city and the residents do so by creating elaborate paper and willow lanterns. These lanterns are then paraded through the streets before being tossed upon a bonfire on the beach. There is a strong community spirit throughout and everyone can take part if they order a pack to create their lantern in advance.

[Photo by Jim Purbrick – Flickr]

3. Chinese New Year – Hong Kong

The Chinese New Year (which takes place on January 28th in 2017) is celebrated across the globe, and both London and Manchester have large celebrations in honour of the event. However, there’s almost undoubtedly no better place to celebrate than in Hong Kong, where the whole city gets into the swing of things. The city’s trees and lamp posts are bejewelled with red lanterns, and the city’s temples become full of people looking to celebrate the beginning of a new year. There’s a parade through the streets with the traditional dragons, alongside dancers and live music. To finish off the celebrations, there is a fireworks display over the harbour.

4. Holi Festival – Mumbai

The Holi Festival has become famous due to the imagery that it invokes – happy participants doused in multi-coloured powdered paint of every colour imaginable. Next year’s event takes place on the 12th March and, whilst there are celebrations globally, Mumbai has one of our favourite offerings. There are festivities across this sprawling city but we love the events run by Reality Tours and Travel which include a tour of the Dharavi slum and a celebration with its inhabitants. The majority of the proceeds of the tours go back in to the local community.

5. Hogmanay – Edinburgh

It’s easy to argue that nowhere else is New Year’s Eve so much revered as it is in Scotland. Rather than opting for a one-night extravaganza followed by one serious hangover, the Scots have a three-day celebration beginning the day before New Year’s Eve and ending on the 1st January. This event is known as Hogmanay and Edinburgh’s celebration of it is perhaps the most well known. These celebrations include a huge street party, live concerts, a swim in the River Forth for the brave and the all-important midnight fireworks display for those looking for a kiss when the clock strikes 12.

6. Thanksgiving – Hawaii

Thanksgiving is a historical American event which celebrates the relationship between the religious pilgrims and indigenous people who helped them to cook a feast way back in 1621. Nowadays, it’s a time for American families to come together on the fourth Thursday of every November to give thanks for all they have. Those looking to get in to the holiday spirit without sacrificing sunshine should head to Waikiki in Hawaii, where there is a 10km run and a holiday parade alongside the traditional turkey dinner.

7. Rio Carnival – Rio de Janeiro

The Rio Carnival needs no introduction. The explosion of colour, sound and dancing that it brings to Rio de Janeiro’s famous shoreline is renowned worldwide. 2017’s celebrations will take place between the 24th and 28th February, and you can expect more of the same. If you dream of strutting past onlookers in a costume that is equal parts feather and jewel stones, you can do so. Anyone can join in the Rio Carnival Samba Parade if they order the designated costumes in time. Those looking to be more budget-conscious may prefer to join the communal party spirit that occurs alongside the sidelines of the parade.

8. Yi Peng and Loy Krathong Festivals – Chiang Mai

The city of Chiang Mai in northern Thailand plays host to one of the world’s most incredible light displays on 14th November this year. The festivals of Yi Peng and Loy Krathong see 10s of thousands of lit lanterns released in to the night sky. This acts as a metaphorical release of negativity and any personal concerns that a participant may have and the atmosphere tends to be jovial. The festival also has a religious element as devotees pay homage to Buddha and the Thai water goddess, Phra Mae Khongkha. For the best photo opportunities, head to the Maejo University where the majority of lanterns are set free.

9. Mardi Gras – New Orleans

To celebrate Shrove Tuesday in England, we make pancakes. In New Orleans, on the other hand, they throw a massive party. The carnivalesque Mardi Gras celebrations see the different krewes parade throughout the city and the balconies of the French Quarter become draped in yellow and green flags. The parades range in style – there are brightly-coloured, ornate floats and, on the other hand, there are floats with political messages. The next Mardi Gras takes place on the 28th February 2017 and the Zulu krewe are using their platform to promote the need to end violence.

10. New Year’s Eve – New York

The Times Square New Year’s Eve ball drop has graced many a cinema screen – thousands count down to the New Year before this gleaming ball is lowered. We always strive to feel like film stars, and for that reason alone, New York is on our NYE bucket list. There are a whole host of other celebrations across the city on this day. There are nightclubs full to the brim with revellers, comedy shows and fireworks over Park Slope – you just need to take your pick from what you fancy.