Our Top 10 Interactive Musical Sights

Things can get a bit monotonous on the tourist trail – one sight after another, more things to look at, more group shots of you, your travelling companions and the view. But all that can change in an instant if the sight you’re visiting needs you to interact with it. And why would you do that? To make music of course!

Music Tiles, Museumplein, Amsterdam

museumplein musical tiles

Easily overlooked, these nine tiles add a lovely sound to the busy Museumplein, home to the Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh Museum, the Stedelijk Museum and more. In summer people gather on the grass and in the winter there’s an outdoor ice skating rink here.

Asphaltophone, Østjylland, Denmark

This pioneering project in Denmark isn’t particularly tuneful, but drive over its raised dots and bumps to experience the tarmac under your car wheels playing you different sounds. Guaranteed to wake the kids up, and then delight them!

Giant Theremin, Melbourne

Unfortunately you had to be quick to see this in Melbourne, where is has just finished its week-long installation. Standing at more than 7 metres high, up to eight people could interact with it at once to play music. Its popularity means we’re sure we’ve not seen the last of it so keep your eyes open!

Melody Roads, Japan

Handily encouraging you to drive at the correct speed to hear the tune properly, there are three melody roads in Japan offering you the chance to hear popular music right from the comfort of your car. They are in Gunma, Hokkaido and Wakayama.

Hydraulophone, Ontario Science Center, Ontario

water-filled piano-style instrument

A free installation outside the Ontario Science Center, you can play a tune by stopping the water coming out of various holes, a little like a huge piano. That gets you wet.

Giant Chimes, Fort Bonifacio, Manila

Part of Global City, an area in Manila known for its large installations, this is the most popular thanks to the music it creates. All it takes is for you to head on over and bang them with something – the local children will show you the way!

Singing Road, South Korea

Designed to keep motorists awake, this road in Anyang plays a familiar nursery rhyme – Mary had a Little Lamb! Although from what we’ve heard you’ll definitely struggle to recognise it. Perhaps that’s how it keeps you awake?

21 Swings, Montreal

This installation in the Quartier des Spectacles is designed to showcase how much more you can achieve in a team than alone, with 21 swings all controlling different notes. The fun thing is, the more people swing, the more notes join in thanks to some only being activated by a combination of swings!

Keyboard Floor, FAO Schwartz, New York

famous keyboard floor in New York

This is probably the world’s most famous interactive musical attraction, as it featured in the film Big when Tom Hanks hopped on to play ‘Chopsticks’. And it’s still in FAO Schwartz today, on the mezzanine level. Although you’ll have to be very fortunate to sashay over and have it to yourself!

Civic Musical Road, California, USA

Recently featuring on Top Gear, this road plays a definitely not very accurate version of the William Tell Overture. Now, we give it props for ambition, we really do! And when all else fails, you’ll still be in California, in your car, on the great open road.

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