Top 10 Sinful Destinations

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If your idea of a banging holiday revolves around excess, then we’ve found some wild destinations where you can be bad to your heart’s content. Party Hangover-style in Las Vegas, explore the naughty Red Light District in Amsterdam, sip cocktails with the effortlessly cool in St Tropez, or dance like it’s your last day on earth on Cancun’s creamy beaches. Whatever your vice, whether you want to make your friends envious back home, shamelessly hang with the rich and famous, or party like there’s no tomorrow, these destinations invite you to be sinful in style…

1. Amsterdam

A trip to Amsterdam doesn’t have to be a bike ride through a tulip field. In fact, there is no better place on earth to gorge yourself on the extremes and excesses of life. Lust plays a key part in the hedonistic Red Light District, with infamous sex shops, shows, museums and legalised prostitution. Then there’s the all-night bars, legal hash and buzzing clubs – ranging from underground warehouses to slick, intimate affairs.

2. Las Vegas

The original ‘Sin City’ is notorious for embracing all things outlandish – Vegas is a whirlwind of casinos, quickie weddings, neon lights and excessive behaviour. It’s all too easy to be drawn into the ‘live for the moment’ vibe, which encourages you to embrace a wild side that you may not know you have. Forget about time, it’s normal to see an Elvis-impersonator roaming the streets at dawn, or a recent bride in her dress, giggling as she plays roulette. It’s completely surreal, and completely fantastic. It’s Vegas baby!

3. Miami

Will Smith pretty much summed up Miami’s attitude when he rapped ‘Every day like a mardi gras, everybody party all day. No work all play, okay’. Miami encourages you to forget about your worries (and your bank balance) and party in style besides stunning South Beach, sipping giant cocktails and mingling with the rich. During the day, explore the beach, pool parties and trendy restaurants. It may not come cheap but neither does glamour, and to many, mesmerising Miami is well worth it!

4. Cancun

Cancun’s glitzy hotel zone is all about the party scene. Adult-only resorts are topless optional and have hip and daring atmospheres with naughty extras such as ‘sin rooms’, ‘play rooms’ and pole dancing lessons. Then there’s the world-famous ‘Cancun Spring Break’ where thousands of party-hungry students hit the area and the local clubs and bars burst at the seams. If it all gets a little too much then there’s always the creamy sands and soothing turquoise sea…

5. Pattaya

Like Amsterdam, Pattaya is infamous for its Red Light District, with go-go clubs, massage parlours and ‘ping pong’ shows proudly showcased on the famous neon-lit ‘Walking Street’ and beyond. It’s a bizarre sight for new visitors and it’s hard not to get drawn into the lively bar scene – even if you are attempting to avoid the outlandish ladyboys! At dawn, all sin of the prior evening is erased and Pattaya’s palm-tree lined beach has a casual vibe, with a fantastic range of watersports!

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6. Berlin

Berlin is a city proud to have its very own ‘sinful tour’ – which details how Germany’s forward-thinking capital has long been the playground of Europe. It certainly is a city to let loose and stay out late, with many clubs not opening their doors until gone midnight, and casinos peaking around 4am. The main theme is embracing your inner wonderfulness and expressing yourself in any way you wish. Take the plunge and dive into the vast party scene – which has something for all, from tiny underground clubs to techno temples, leafy beer gardens, fancy cocktail bars and multiple live music venues.

7. Rio de Janeiro

There’s something undeniably sexy about exotic Rio de Janeiro with its sun-kissed beaches, lush mountains, Samba-filled nightlife and the world-famous carnival. It’s a seductive playground of hedonistic activities, where surfing, snacking, drinking and dancing are all part of daily life. Become entranced by Rio’s alluring atmosphere and head there in early February if you want to experience lavish costumes, colourful dancers and a pulsating atmosphere of celebration. There are also the glitzy Carnival Balls – which are outlandish and renowned for risqué outfits and wild behaviour.

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8. Ibiza

Ibiza takes all the crazy elements of other European party destinations and adds a healthy dose of glamour to the equation. A honeypot for clubbers, the island’s party scene is home to some of the world’s top DJs and the grandiose decor, features and music of the clubs is like nowhere else. Spend the day recovering with fellow-partiers on the laid-back beaches before choosing your nightly activities: sunset cruise, trendy cocktail bar, an all-night club – or all three.

9. Jamaica

This Caribbean jewel loves a good party with relaxed Reggae vibes, refreshing rum cocktails and a firm focus on having a good time. Pack your dancing shoes and get ready to party until the wee small hours – go bar hopping along the Hip Strip in Montego Bay, enjoy singing and dancing in colourful Kingston and experience one of Jamaica’s legendary street parties. Wash away your sins the following day with refreshing dips in the warm Caribbean Sea.

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10. St Tropez

A sizzling favourite among the rich and famous, St Tropez dazzles on the French Riviera, proudly owning its sexy and exclusive vibe. Here you’ll find million pound yachts, illusive artist-types, actors, models and glamorous holidaymakers happy to splash the cash. In season, St Tropez knows how to party and it parties in style, with Champagne the drink of the day. Explore pool parties, beach parties, yacht parties, billion-pound mansion parties, you name it – just make sure you dress to impress!