What Will £1 Buy You Around the World? 2016 Update

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A pound may not get you too far in the UK, but around the world it can get you a lot of cool things! Prices may have changed a little since we last looked at what £1 will get you in 2015, but it’s safe to say there are still plenty of bargains! From great steet food and wine, to traditional hats and karoake sessions, you’ll be suprised at just how much the humble pound can get you…

Vietnam – A Non La (Traditional Hat)

Non La - traditional Vietnamese hats

Vietnam may not be quite a cheap as its neighbouring countries but you can still grab a fair few bargains whilst visiting, and what better than a Non La for under a quid? (It’s a traditional Vietnamese hat to those who aren’t familiar!) As well as getting yourself a super-cheap souvenir, you can also pick up bowls of Pho, Vietnam’s most famous soup (and in our opinion, most tasty dish), for less than a £1! Cheap food and hats, what more could you need?

Hungary – A whole bottle of wine

Hungarian wine

With Budapest being reported as the cheapest European city for alcoholic drinks, it’s no surprise really that you can bag yourself a whole bottle of wine in parts of Hungary for as little as a £1. Also, did you know that there are around 22 wine regions in Hungary? So not only will you drink cheaply, but you’ll also be spoilt for choice! Shop around and choose local or house wines and you’ll be sure to get a few bargains.

Laos – Street food

street food in Laos

Street food is without a doubt the cheapest way to eat when visiting many south-east Asian countries, and is possibly where the majority of the best dishes will be found. Laos street food is particularly cheap and finds under a £1 are extremely easy to come by. Pop to local markets and you will be presented with an array of options, from meat and fish kebabs, to noodle and rice dishes and plenty of veggie options.

South Korea – Three songs on karaoke

karaoke in South Korea

Quite possibly the best way to spend a £1, some karaoke bars (or noraebangs as they are often called in South Korea) offer a whole THREE songs for a tiny price. Get a group together, hire out a karaoke room to yourselves and sing the night away!

Italy – An espresso

espresso in Italy

The Italian’s love their coffee, espressos in particular. For any coffee lovers, trying a traditional espresso whilst visiting Italy is a must! Head out of the city centre, away from the tourists and to a local cafe or restaurant and you should find fresh coffee for less than a quid. It’ll probably taste far better where the locals hang out too.

Philippines – 30/45 minute foot massage

foot massage in the Phillipines

Massages in parts of Asia are notoriously cheap but the Philippines foot massage rates seem to beat them all. Like with most bargains, you would do best to head a bit out of the main tourist area to find these cheap rates. But for these sort of prices, the extra walk definitely seems worth it!

Sri Lanka – Local bus fare

Painted bus in Colombo (Sri Lanka)
Image © Jonybraker

In the UK transport can be really quite pricey if not booked far enough in advance. Luckily in Sri Lanka this doesn’t seem to be a problem, with some bus journeys costing as little as a £1. Sure, you may not get a seat and if you do it may not be the most comfortable journey of your life, but hey, when you’re paying a quid for travel you can’t really complain can you?

India – Six cups of chai

Man making chai tea in India

Sure, so six cups of chai may sound extreme. Most people wouldn’t drink six cups of chai in one sitting, but the point is in India you could, and all for less than a £1! As well as traditional chai, you can also get some really cheap and seriously tasty street food all over the country. Just head to the street markets and you’ll save yourself a lot of money!