What Will £1 Buy You? (Around the World)

The mighty pound may not get you much in the UK, but it can go a long way when you’re a savvy traveller! We’ve scoured the globe to examine just how far those 100 pennies will actually go – and we think you’ll be surprised. From filling meals to haircuts and tuk-tuk rides, never underestimate just how far those pennies will stretch!

The Philippines – a haircut


With a diverse landscape of palm-tree lined rice fields, bustling cities, hidden beaches and friendly locals – The Philippines also packs a punch when it comes to the price department. Fancy getting your haircut? Head to the local barbers for prices as low as £1, or treat yourself to a celebrity-style cut complete with head massage from at little at £8 at one of the local shopping malls.

India – curry and rice


Intoxicating India is colourful, chaotic and intense and, best of all, cheap! Flavoursome food is available at low, low prices and you’ll find many restaurants serving traditional lentil curry (dal) with rice from as little as £1. Tuck in!

Nepal – nomo dumplings and a bottle of water


It’s easy to fall in love with Nepal – a land of spiritual temples, awe-inspiring peaks, cobbled cities and smiley locals. It’s also mega cheap when it comes to food, drink and accommodation. Tuck into a delicious plate of steaming momo dumplings with a bottle of water from only £1 – and there are plenty more bargains where that came from!

Feeling flush? Bag yourself a double room in Kathmandu from only £5 a night!

Sri Lanka – a small piece of handmade jewellery


Sri Lanka is renowned for long beaches with surf spots aplenty, friendly people, plenty of tea, and (you guessed it) – cheap prices! A popular spot with couples, your pound will go far on this exotic island country, and you’ll have no excuse for forgetting sovenenirs!

Vietnam – two local beers


Many travellers skip Vietnam when travelling around Southeast Asia, but they are missing a trick. This compelling country is awash with natural beauty, traditions and sobering war sites. It’s also got some of Asia’s most beautiful beaches, if you like your sand tourist-free. Oh, and did we mention the bargain prices?

South Korea – a bottle of Soju


Jet off to South Korea for a wide range of experiences – from the madness of Seoul to the abundant beauty of the national parks and the golden sand beaches, there’s so much to see! Travel can be done on a budget too, with low prices at local bars and restaurants, where a bottle of Soju (vodka-like rice liquor) can be found for around £1. Word of warning: go easy!

Thailand – a tuk tuk ride & a portion of pad thai


A backpacker’s haven, Thailand is known for offering low prices for well, pretty much everything! Whether you’re partying in busy Bangkok, unwinding on one of the gorgeous islands or riding elephants in Chiang Mai, it’s not hard to stick to a tight budget.

Fancy exploring Thailand? We’ve found double rooms in Bangkok hotels from just £6 per night

Venezuela – a tank of petrol


Venezuela’s landscape is incredibly varied with mountain peaks, a long, dreamy coastline, dense forests and colourful wildlife. The stunning diversity means that road travel can be incredibly beautiful – and thanks to low petrol prices it’s incredibly cheap too! If you don’t fancy renting a car (Venezuelans aren’t renowned for sticking to the highway code) you’ll find bus and taxi travel very affordable.

Egypt – two servings of koshari


With its year-round warm temps and beautiful five-star resorts, Egypt is a popular choice for holidaymakers seeking cheap package holidays. However, step outside the comforts of the resorts and you’ll find low, low prices in the local shops, bars and restaurants – with two hearty portions of the local staple (koshari) served up for under £1!

Italy – a bottle of wine


Whilst beautiful Italy isn’t famed for low prices, it does offer up some bargains – especially when it comes to wine. Shop around and you can find a BOTTLE of table wine from the local vineyards for as little as £1. Italy here we come!

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