Which Greek God/Goddess Are You Based on Your Star Sign?

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Learning about the gods and goddesses of ancient Greece is a fascinating part of Greek mythology. Keep reading if you’d like to find out which Greek god or goddess you would be based on your astrological sign!

Aries – Ares

The first sign in the zodiac is Aries, and those born under this sign are commonly linked to the Greek god of Ares. Although the name Aries and Ares are similar, there is no concrete relation between this mythological god and the astrological sign, however it is said that those born under Aries are likely to possess many of the same characteristics as Ares. Ares is known as the spirit of battle or god of war, and he is said to be power hungry, ambitious and courageous.

Aries constellation

Taurus – Hestia

Tauruses are ruled by Venus, a planet commonly linked to the Greek goddess Hestia, also known as the virgin goddess. Hestia was thought to possess a maternal and motherly presence and was somebody who thrived under consistency and stability — she was also nicknamed the protectress of homes. It is believed that those born under Taurus portray similar traits to Hestia, who was known to be one of the fairest gods, often paving the way for righteousness and peace.

Gemini – Hermes

Geminis have a bad reputation due to the sign’s symbol which is a pair of twins —  implying that those born under this constellation are ingenious. Despite the stigma, Geminis are said to be one of the most attractive signs in the zodiac, both physically and from their aura. The Greek god associated with this star sign is Hermes, son of Zeus. Hermes is considered to be the herald of the gods, and one of the most cunning and diplomatic, known for attracting fertility, wealth, and good fortune.

Gemini constellation

Cancer – Artemis

Often referred to as the moon goddess, Artemis is best  known for her magical powers which allowed her to give the gift of immortality and healing. Those born under Cancer are said to possess the same traits as Artemis, making them determined, courageous, and careful. In addition to ruling the moon, Artemis  is also nicknamed the mistress of animals, because she is famed for her hunting skills and ability to heal wounded people and creatures. It is suggested that Cancers have a hard and serious exterior, yet a soft and nurturing side.

Cancer constellation

Aquarius – Prometheus

In Greek mythology, Prometheus is known for his direct and intellectual approach to things. He is famed for overcoming obstacles in unique and savvy ways, which  ties into his reputation as being an excellent trickster. Prometheus is nicknamed the titan of forethought and is linked to the creation of mortals. This suggests that Prometheus took his time to make tough decisions, making him calculated and thorough in his thought process. Those born under Aquarius are likely to mirror some of these characteristics, and are typically thought to be intelligent and thoughtful, but with an edge.

Aquarius constellation

Virgo – Demeter

Demeter is the Greek goddess of the harvest, making her incredibly important to the people of ancient Greece due to their reliance on farming. Demeter is portrayed as a strong and powerful goddess, known for her independence and beauty. Her agricultural responsibilities make Demeter an incredibly caring goddess, she is also portrayed as a loving, protective, and nurturing mother to her daughter Persephone, although it is not uncommon for her to become vengeful when crossed. Those born under the Virgo constellation possess similar traits, most notably caring deeply for their loved ones.

vIRGO constellation

Scorpio – Hades

Hades is the god of the underworld and the brother of Zeus, well known for his stern and unforgiving nature. Hades is depicted as persistent, determined and impulsive, with his romantic interests often having an overpowering and controlling effect on him. In Greek mythology, Hades abducts Dermeter’s daughter Persephone and becomes obsessed and possessive. Scorpios are known to be passionate people with a romantic streak, although they sometimes let their impulsiveness get the better of them.

scorpio constellation

Sagittarius – Dionysus

Similar to Demeter, Dionysus also plays a large role in maintaining vegetation and agriculture and is the god of fruitfulness, often nicknamed the Greek god of wine! Dionysus is also  referred to as the god of collective ecstasy, which portrays him as androgynous and has caused some scholars to associate him with the LGBTQ+ community. He  is said to have been the life of the party (or god of festivities), bringing moments of merriment and joy, which is a trait often linked to Sagittarians. This being said, Dionysus is also known to possess a deep rage, and is known for his short temper and extreme personality.

Sagittarius constellation

Capricorn – Apollo

Apollo is the ruler of the sun, and is commonly associated with Capricorns. Apollo was known for his intelligent, practical, and level-headed approach to conflicts or hurdles, which is thought to be linked to his undying desire for security, stability, and safety. In this sense, Apollo was incredibly ambitious and thoughtful, and was often seen avoiding confrontation in an attempt to maintain peace. Capricorns are well known for seeking familiarity and comfortability, without letting this stop them from achieving their goals.

capricorn constellation

Leo – Zeus

Zeus is the Greek god of the sky, and is quite possibly the most famous of the immortals that ruled ancient Greece. Zeus is well known for being fair, merciful, and generous,  but also short tempered and easily infuriated. Although Zeus is wise, he is also impulsive and easily tempted which led to him  having numerous affairs throughout his marriage to Aphrodite. Those born under Leo are said to hold similar characteristics to Zeus, making them well respected, strong, intelligent, and independent people — although they can sometimes be unfaithful.

leo constellation

Libra – Aphrodite

Aphrodite is the wife of Zeus and the goddess of love,  known for her beauty and attractive energy, which makes others feel drawn to her. Aphrodite has a kind and compassionate nature, though is known for being self-centred and vain due to her good looks. Aphrodite is a good mother and doesn’t let her selfish tendencies affect her parenting ability. It is also said that Aphrodite can be jealous, vindictive, controlling, and short tempered. Those born under Libra are likely to possess some of these qualities, and are known for their beauty, though also their vanity.

libra constellation

Pisces – Poseidon

Poseidon is the god of the sea, earthquakes, and storms, and is known for his strong personality. This god is said to be linked to Pisces due to his strong and varied emotions that he struggles to keep under control. Poseidon is famed for being vengeful and selfish, as well as emotional and passionate. People born under Pisces are thought to mirror some of these characteristics, which are often shown the most when they’re in love or hurt by somebody they trusted . Much like Poseidon, Pisces struggle to rationalise their feelings once crossed, which may manifest in seemingly dramatic or unwarranted behaviour.

pisces constellation