Why we Love Winter Sun and Winter Ski Holidays

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At dealchecker, we’re quite divided on what makes the best kind of winter holiday. While some of us are fans of crisp winter days, mitten-covered hands and roasting marshmallows on open fires, others like to sit back on a sun lounger and banish thoughts on the winter chill altogether. We’ve talked about our favourite things about each type to give you a bit of inspiration on which kind is right for you.

What’s the best winter ski/sun destination you’ve visited and why?

Rosie: I took my boyfriend to Reykjavik in Iceland in February a few years ago which was incredibly atmospheric, especially as we were lucky enough to see the northern lights. However, frankly there’s nothing better in the winter than a strong dose of Vitamin D! Goa has been one of my absolute favourites with its golden sands and laid-back hippy vibes.

Laura: My favourite ski destination was Verbier in Switzerland. There was a really long coach ride to get there – through the mountains with some spectacular scenery along the way.

I really enjoyed it because the pistes were lovely and powdery, although the majority of them are red slopes, so I had to take my time on those as I’m not the best skier!


What do you look forward to most during a winter ski/sun holiday?

Rosie: Long, sunny days! When it’s gloomy, dark and wet here in England I can spend hours dreaming about clear blue skies. There’s nothing more envy-inducing than seeing a friend’s Instagram shot when they’re sprawled out on a beach and you’re sat shivering in an office.

Laura: I like the idea of spending a day on the mountains and appreciating the kind of views you just wouldn’t get back home. I make an effort to try and take mental pictures (and real ones too!) And it’s a lovely feeling getting back to the base of the slopes and holding a warm mug of hot chocolate in your frozen hands, looking up at the mountain you’ve just conquered!


What are the pros/cons of a winter ski/sun break?

Rosie: Cold winter breaks are definitely more romantic – you get to snuggle up together whilst surrounded by postcard-worthy snowy scenes. However, I’d always sacrifice the romance for the chance to get active somewhere sunny. I love taking part in water sports whilst on holiday, whether that be sailing, kayaking or paddle boarding and that’s definitely most fun in warmer climes.

Laura: One thing that’s easy to forget when you’re in the mountains is how high up you actually are. If you’re feeling really out of breath and just can’t figure out why, or feel a bit dizzy and nauseous sometimes, it’s because your body is trying frantically to adjust to the high altitude! It’s all worth it for the amazing views though!

When you go on a winter ski break, it really puts you in the holiday spirit. Seeing the pretty towns covered in snow is something we don’t get much of in the UK, and you just can’t beat that warm and fuzzy feeling when you step inside a chalet greeted by a crackling log fire.


Would you ever spend Christmas abroad?

Rosie: If I could take my boyfriend and family with me, definitely! I think being surrounded by family is what conjures the Christmas spirit so I’d feel Christmassy whether I was chowing down on a barbecue in Australia with them or opening presents in front of a Christmas tree at home.

Laura: I spent New year’s in Granada a few years ago and went skiing in the Sierra Nevada mountains. It was great being in the city during the countdown. We ate one grape per chime of the clock to celebrate each of the previous 12 months! The best thing was that since it’s in the south of Spain, Granada doesn’t really get cold, so once we got back down from the mountains, we didn’t really need to wrap up very much.


Which winter sun/ski destinations are on your bucket list?

Rosie: A friend of mine is in the Gold Coast of Australia at the moment and her tales of frolicking with wild dolphins and koalas in 32-degree heat have me green with envy, so that’s currently topping my bucket list. Otherwise, the pristine beaches of the Gili Islands sound pretty tempting!

Laura: I would love to go skiing in Canada. My cousin is over there as an instructor and his photos look amazing! I think I would just have to make sure I’m wrapped up warm – I had a layover in Canada in December one year and it’s the coldest I’ve ever been in my life!