Quick Guide to Dubai

Dubai holidays can be a great short break for a blast of sunshine on a winter sunseeking mission or at any time, but you could also consider a longer trip where relaxation, sightseeing and shopping are all combined with the great weather. This is a city that's all about glitz, glamour, shopping malls and decadence - which has made Dubai rise rapidly up the list of must-do holidays! Search for your 2016 trip now!

Dubai has rapidly developed from a small fishing village to one of the world's most exciting and intriguing metropolises. It boasts a unique mix of the old and the shimmering new - such as the Burj Khalifa, which didn't just become the world's tallest building by a few metres. Oh no, it smashed the previous record by a whopping 300 metres!

The rise of low cost airlines has made taking cheap holidays to Dubai a reality, and in fact recent years has also seen it become a popular city break destination, with three and four night trips increasingly the norm. So if you think you've not got time to fit in a Dubai holiday in 2016 or 2017, then think again! Plus, if you're looking to save as much as you can, it's a really good spot for a last-minute deal as you can find some astonishing reductions. Also consider Dubai as an excellent point to start a cruise to explore the Emirates. You can stay and cruise through a number of cruise and holiday tour operators.

Fab holidays for:

City breaks, Lovers of extravagance, Beach breaks

Main Airports:

Dubai International Airport

Did you know?

Foreigners make up most of Dubai's population. The local people, called Emiratis, are just 15% of the total.


Top 5 Things to Do in Dubai


When you arrive in Dubai, the city can rapidly become overwhelming with its sheer opulence, variety of sights and bustling lifestyle. So make a beeline for your hotel and take a breath before heading out.

Jumeirah Beach
Arguably Dubai's best free beach. Spend the day here under the sun (lotion applied) and take a dip in the sea.
Souks (marketplace)
Practise your haggling skills and come away with a gem or two. Especially at the gold souks, where there's gold galore.
Dubai has some pretty extravagant malls where you can go from shopping for clothes to skiing all under the same roof.
Desert Safari
Crash over sand dunes in the tour car, ride the camels and quad bike on the sands with a Dubai desert safari.
Wild Wadi Water Park
A huge waterpark with plenty of hidden gems to explore.

Dubai's Best Beaches

There's plenty of great selling points to Dubai but one of its greatest? Its perpetual sunshine (even if sometimes you wish it wouldn't beat down hard) - it means that its beautiful beaches (think white sands, warm, inviting waters) can be enjoyed all year round.

First up is Sunset Beach. Right behind Sunset Mall in Jumeirah, it's one of the most beautiful beaches Dubai has to offer. The views of the Burj Al Arab are first-class and the seas? Well, it provides you with surf - and it's the only place in Dubai to do so.

As bustling as Sunset Beach is quiet, JBR Beach has no shortage of restaurants, bars or hotels along The Walk, a path alongside the beach that invites you to just about anything the minute you step off the sands. Drink, dine or shop after spending a day of sunbathing and trying out the watersports on offer.

Sporty people should make a beeline for the aptly-named Kite Beach. Kite surfing, football, paddle boarding, beach tennis, volleyball and kayaking provide a more active day on this sandy shore. Or, for those who really do just want to tan, some very good things to watch as entertainment.

Al Mamzar Beach Park is a lushly landscape beach made up of five sweeping shores. There are swimming pools, playgrounds, barbecue areas and grassy areas just dying for a picnic set-up. Not a bad place to spend a day (or two).

The thing is - these are our favourites (and there are plenty of reasons why we fell in love with them) but there are plenty more out of there for you to discover. Thanks to the weather, you really can book an Emirates holiday all year round to pick yours.

When to go to Dubai

It's pretty simple to find cheap holidays to Dubai throughout the year, since this has become a popular city break and holiday destination. Unless you love the really hot heat, it's best to steer clear of the summer months altogether. Winter can be great, but Christmas is the most popular time for us Brits to head on over for some of that lovely sunshine. So try to pick dates from November to April for your visit, excluding December.

You could also look out for holiday to Dubai that coincide with one of the 2015 or 2016 annual events for an added extra something. Watch the Desert Challenge car race in April, or if you're a fan of shopping why not brave the heat and see what amazing offers you can find in the malls in Dubai Summer Surprises in June and July - just remember your sun cream!

How to get to Dubai

Cheap flights to Dubai are becoming increasingly easier to find. This is great news if you're looking for a last minute holiday to Dubai. The UK is well connected, with flights from Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow, Newcastle and multiple London airports all landing at Dubai International Airport.