Cheap Holidays to Malaga

Tips on finding your right holiday deal

  • 1 You can get flights to Malaga from airports all over the UK - it's the gateway to the Costa del Sol. Larger airports tend to offer cheaper prices.
  • 2 Travelling at the weekends will see flights increase in price - if you can fly during the week you will get cheaper deals.
  • 3 Summer holidays as well as the May and October half terms are the peak travel times and European summer holidays can push up package holiday prices too.

All you need to know about holidays to Malaga

Located on the popular holiday destination of the Costa del Sol in southern Spain, Malaga lies on the Mediterranean coast. The city is an astonishing 2,800 years old - which makes it one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world, not just somewhere to get a tan! This means that holidays in Malaga can be all about the history, all about the beaches, or with a healthy mix of the two.

Boasting the warmest winter temperatures in the whole of mainland Europe, Malaga holidays can be enjoyed all year round, and with a large expat population all along the Costa del Sol, there are plenty of things to accommodate the preferences of us Brits. Most of the resorts, Malaga included, are very Anglo-centric, although if you want a more Spanish holiday in Malaga, you can certainly find that too. Even better, with so many resorts to choose from there are always great deals on last-minute holidays.

If you want to see more of the stunning coastline, picturesque villages and the area's top attractions too, then it's worth getting hold of car hire from Malaga Airport. The roads are easy to drive on, and once you get used to driving on the other side of the road you should have no problems at all.

What to do in Malaga

Holidays to Malaga and the Costa del Sol are generally about soaking up the sunshine and relaxing on the beaches, and there will be plenty of opportunity to do that wherever you go. But if you want to leave the beach and head off on adventures big or small on holidays in Malaga.

You could just take some time to see the town centre. Highlights include Malaga Cathedral as well as the Fundacion Picasso Casa Natal, and it's impossible to miss the towering Gibralfaro and Alcazaba, both of which are well worth the effort.

2013 is the year to visit Tivoli World theme park as there are plenty of events and reduced entry fees thanks to year-long 40th anniversary celebrations. You could also go on Safari at Selwo Adventure Park in Estepona or enjoy a day on the slides at Aqualand Torremolinos. In fact, your holiday in Malaga can be as action packed or relaxed as you want. For more head to our Malaga guide

How to get to Malaga

Cheap flights to Malaga are plentiful, thanks to many low-cost airlines that offer the route, keeping competition up and prices down. That means that you will have more money in your pocket to stretch your holiday to Malaga to ten nights or perhaps even two weeks. Or you could slot in a three-day break in Malaga for a little sunshine on the cheap.

Expect to be in the air for around three hours when you set off on your Malaga holidays, depending on where you're flying from in the UK. Onward travel from Malaga Airport is best done either by train, which will take you into the centre of Malaga, as well as onwards down to coast to other resorts, and car hire. You can also use coach transfers to the nearby bus station, local buses, taxis and private shuttle buses.

If you have booked a package holiday to Malaga then it's definitely worth checking whether your transfers are included, or add them if they are at a reasonable cost, as this is the most hassle-free way to start your holiday in Malaga.

Malaga flights are cheap all year round, but if you want a holiday in Malaga or the Costa del Sol in the peak summer holidays, then you'll have to book well in advance to get the best deal. We do occasionally see great value last minute holiday deals to Malaga, and we put these in Real Deals Newsletter, so if you're after some spontaneous travel in 2013 or 2014 then make sure you sign up!

Where to stay in Malaga

When it comes to choosing the accommodation for your holidays to Malaga, one thing is certain, there will be plenty of choice. Although to get the best deal you really need to be organised and book ahead. There is everything from beach-front hotels to hostels and campsites too.

The two main areas to stay in are on the beachfront and in the pedestrianized zone in the city centre. These are not far from each other, but your decision here should be based on your holiday priorities - whether you want to spend you time mostly on the beach, or mostly wandering the pretty streets and seeing the sights. The cheapest accommodation is found in the red light district, which is between the centre and the port - so bear that in mind if you're on a family Malaga holiday on a budget!

The Costa del Sol is known for its golf and Malaga is no different. If you're planning on enjoying a golfing holiday in Malaga then make sure your accommodation is fairly near to the main road around the resort so it's easy to travel to the many golf courses here on the "Costa del Golf".

Travel Tips

Travel Tips for Malaga

  • AlcazabaYou can't miss this when you come to Malaga, even if your only holiday plan was to tan! Amazing views, fantastic place, and you can even see a really old roman theatre too just there.

    posted by preade

  • Alcazaba and GibralfaroYou can't really escape these in Malaga and neither should you wish to as they are the star attraction in my book! Fun places to walk around and great views to boot.

    posted by mcarmichael

  • Botanical Gardens of the ConceptionIt's a little bit of an effort to get here as it's just on the edge of the city but if you like subtropical plants then it's really worth the effort! Delightful garden, so much to see here.

    posted by rpoley

  • National Museum of Air Navigation and TransportYou wouldn't think you'd find such a great museum at the airport! I don't know why there aren't more! Great place, amazing collection, I thoroughtly enjoyed my wait at the airport all thanks to this museum.

    posted by ffisher

  • GibralfaroAlong with its conjoined twin la Alcazaba this was the most exciting place we saw in Malaga. I love the history of the buildings and the views are ace too.

    posted by hjackson

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