Quick Guide to Cairo

Cairo is one of the busiest, boldest cities on the African continent, with its narrow streets always packed with the noise of commerce and culture, making it a must-see destination for eager travellers. Why not combine a trip here with a Nile cruise to keep those amazing sights coming.

It's also an incredibly cheap city to visit. Whether you're considering all inclusive holidays to Cairo or searching for holiday deals in general, this bustling capital deserves a mention in your travel plans for 2018.

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How To Get To Cairo

20 kilometres from the city itself is the international airport where all Cairo flights land. The car hire from Cairo Airport will allow you to make the trip to your accommodation and then around the city and the nearby attractions, although you can also take a taxi or bus if you do not want to keep a vehicle with you for your entire holiday to Cairo.

What To Do In Cairo

Egypt is famed for its pyramids and you would be insane to miss a visit to Giza to see these incredible ancient structures that point impossibly into the sky in a way that has withstood the ravages of time for over 4000 years. The deeply embedded history of the city is visible everywhere and a comprehensive collection of artefacts can be found in the main museum. Many people choose to spend a good deal of time on holiday in Cairo sitting in a cafe or restaurant observing the whirlwind of human activity passing by.

Where To Stay In Cairo

Whilst the streets are packed, there are pools of tranquility to be found in the various luxury hotels which can keep you cocooned and cushioned during holidays to Cairo. Many mix classic exterior design with updated, modern interiors to give you the best of both worlds, whilst those seeking to find cheap holidays to Cairo will be well met by the more budget accommodation options in and around the city.

How to Get More for Your Money in Cairo

Cairo is already a destination that offers great bargains - you're never far from a cheap meal or a value-for-money activity. But if you want to get even more bang for your buck when booking your Cairo holiday, dealchecker is here to help! To begin with, use our search tools to compare holiday prices. Stay flexible with your dates, and search for holidays three or even seven days either side of your dates, and you might just find a better bargain! Search for all inclusive deals, which often offer even bigger savings, with your flights, accommodation and all meals and drinks included in the initial price you pay - no nasty surprises, and more to spend on day trips and souvenirs!

Things for Families to Do in Cairo

While Cairo might not immediately strike visitors as a place to bring the kids, we're here to set you straight: Cairo loves children, and children love Cairo! You're never too young to enjoy the wonders of the pyramids and the Sphinx. For an extra special treat, visit at night, when the pyramids are lit up in vivid colours, and the Sphinx 'narrates' the stories behind these amazing structures.

You can also step back in time at Pharonic Village, a living museum that explores 5000 years of Egyptian history with replicas of pyramids and tombs, and 'ancient Egyptians' going about their daily lives. You can almost guarantee that most kids love an amusement park, and Cairo has plenty. City Stars Mall is home to Magic Galaxy, a theme park with an indoor rollercoaster, video games, bumper cars and carousels. Sindbad Amusement Park and Dream Park both also offer a great day out. Kidzania is another mini world - this one more modern - where kids play at being adult, with money and jobs.

Spoil your kids even more with a camel ride in the desert, where they can see the pyramids while perched atop a camel's hump (we're not going to lie, this is just as much fun for adults, too!).

Top Activities in Cairo

We're going to start with the obvious: no trip to Cairo is complete without checking out the Pyramids of Giza. Home to the Great Pyramid - the only wonder of the ancient world that's left standing - these ancient monuments are impressive in photos, and even more so up close. Explore the warren-like tunnels beneath these magnificent tombs, or ride a camel around their bases. Don't forget to go and say 'hi' to the Sphinx!

Double down on the historical aspect of your holiday with a visit to the Egyptian Museum, where you'll be able to see real-life mummies, as well as the treasures of Tutankhamun.

The Al-Azhar Mosque is one of the city's oldest, and a wonderful reflection of Egyptian architecture of its time (it was completed around 972AD). Find more examples of old Cairo's architecture with a stroll through Coptic Cairo, a maze of laneways sprinkled with churches and Roman towers.

Catch an elevator to the top of Cairo Tower, where you'll have an incredible view over the city and its surrounds. Once you're back on solid ground, it's time to explore the Nile island of Zamalek, which is full to the brim with cool restaurants and funky boutiques. Or, you could visit one of the city's many impressive shopping malls - First Mall, City Stars and the Mall of Egypt are all good bets.