Quick Guide to Luxor

Luxor sits right by the ancient capital of Egypt, Thebes, so as you can imagine there's plenty of history around. Most people visit Luxor for a holiday on the Nile, as it's the starting point for the popular and numerous week-long Nile cruises. But don't overlook the attraction in Luxor itself, with plenty to recommend a trip or extending your stay. Split by the river into the East Bank and the West Bank, sights include the Luxor Temple, the Temple of Karnak and the Valley of the Kings. If your holiday in Luxor isn't about heading off up the Nile, be sure to take a felucca trip, best done at sunset - you can't avoid this river completely!

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Cultural sights, Nile boat rides, Sunshine


Luxor International Airport

Did you know?

Luxor's Valley of the Kings was rife with corruption. Guards were susceptible to bribes from thieves who went in and robbed gold and precious artefacts. It got so bad that royal mummies were removed from their tombs and buried somewhere else.

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Top Things to Do in Luxor


A historic city at its best, Luxor isn't short of incredible sights to see. Mix in the cultural sights with the rushing Nile river, great food and more than a generous helping of sunshine, and you've got yourself a recipe for happy travellers.

Holidays to Luxor should include visits to Karnak Temple and Luxor Temple, both on the east bank. These fascinating, stunning creations will capture your attention for hours.
The Nile
Take a passenger ferry across the Nile; those with tour guides are best for the uninitiated. This rushing river is a highlight for visitors, and for good reason.
Hot air balloon rides
For a different perspective of the city, head to the skies. Balloon flights are lauded as one of the best ways to see incredible views of the city and the Nile.
Luxor Museum
There are a vast collection of antiquities and artefacts worth seeing at the Luxor Museum, so much so you might want to plan more than one visit.
Valley of the Kings
Tutankhamun and Ramses VI's tombs attract the masses but others are no less interesting in the Valley of the Kings. Prepare to queue regardless but rest assured, the wait is worth it.

How to get to Luxor

Luxor in Egypt is a popular destination for travellers wishing to explore southern Egypt and the Nile Valley. Luxor was called Thebes in ancient times and there are some superb ancient temples to explore. However, even ardent sightseers need a break at night, so there is all that modern life has to offer on the east bank. Cheap holidays in Luxor are possible because it's such a high volume tourist destination for low-cost airlines, resulting in a good supply of cheap Luxor flights. Average flight time from the UK is five hours to Luxor International Airport, which is only six km from the city. If you are planning to explore, cheap Luxor car hire is worth considering.

Where to stay in Luxor

Luxor holidays are usually centred on the east bank. Hotels range from luxurious to basic, with a good supply of mid range hotels, which will usually include a pool and perhaps even views of the Nile. The Egyptians are extremely welcoming and you should find that most hotels, regardless of their rating, will work hard to make your stay as pleasant as possible.