Quick Guide to Greece

Greece boasts amazing history, a vibrant culture, delicious cuisine and one of the world's longest coastlines - thanks to 1,400 islands in the Mediterranean, Aegean and Ionian seas. If you want a patch of beach to call your own, you could do a lot worse than heading off on a holiday to Greece in 2018! You have to plan at least a few sun holidays a year to get some Vitamin D outside of the UK, after all!

But don't forget that Greece was also home to one of the most magnificent ancient civilisations - ruins are dotted across the country and are a must-see whatever sort of holiday you're on. If you want to focus more on the historical side of holidays here then there are plenty of opportunities! Corfu, Rhodes and more all have ruins, but Athens, Olympia and Delphi are the major stops on sightseeing tours.

If you're after a cheap all inclusive holiday, that's easy! There are offers throughout the spring, summer and autumn months so you can decide how hot you want the weather to be. Or for a more DIY approach, with added flexibility, why not book your flights and a self-catering hotel separately for a super cheap package holiday bargain. Make sure you've got your own kitchen so that you can prepare the local produce and save on eating out every day.

Fab holidays for:

History buffs, Glorious beaches, Cheap sunshine


There are plenty of direct flights and most of the main Greek islands have their own airport

Did you know?

Greece has more international airports than almost any other country - meaning more cheap flights for you!

Other Destinations in Greece

Top 5 Things to do in Greece


One of the highlights wherever you go on your Greece holiday is bound to be the fresh and tasty local cuisine, although beware as the Ouzo that comes with it can be very strong! There are so many amazing historical attractions dotted across the country whether you go to the mainland or the islands - like the Palace of Knossos in Crete, so make sure that you take in something, whether it's a ruined temple, an old Odeon or even a mythological site!

When it comes to islands, Greece has more than its fair share, and here are some of the most popular:

The tiny whitewashed towns on this island are world famous for their good looks and even better food - and we've heard that the sunsets aren't bad either! Popular for chilling out and watching the world go by, night life here is modest, so soak up the charm and enjoy the local cuisine.
The largest island, there is plenty to see in Crete from the stunning Samaria Gorge to the secluded beaches of the south and the bustling resorts of the north. You can also visit the Minoan Palace, apparently where the whole of the Ancient Greek civilisation came from.
With some of the liveliest resorts as well as a stunning Old Town and bargain holidays to boot, Kos is an all-rounder, great for families, couples and mates out for a good time.
Picking the prettiest of all the Greek islands is a tall order, but thanks to some truly jaw-dropping beaches and the legacy of Captain Corelli's Mandolin, this might just be it. Hire a car to make the best of the Kefalonia, with lots of secluded coves and ruined villages well worth seeking out.
Known as the Emerald Isle, and the second largest of the Ionian Islands - Corfu is covered with pretty olive trees and lush green mountains surrounding the the soft-sandy beaches. If you're a party seeker, then head to Kavos and dance until the sun comes up, whilst the town of Agnos and Roda serve a more laid-back lifestyle.

Where to Go in Greece

The Greek islands are the top holiday spot here and with such beauty, beaches and great value deals all on offer we can't argue against them! Crete, Corfu and Rhodes are popular all-round choices no matter what type of holiday you're after. If you want wild nights out then Faliraki, Ios and Mykonos are your best bets, whilst Kefalonia, Hydra and Santorini offer sophistication and relaxation.

There are also beach resorts on the mainland that are fast becoming some of the most popular holiday spots in Greece. Katakolon and Thesalloniki are where it's at so keep your eyes peeled for some cheap holiday deals to these Greece destinations.

If you're after a more cultured stay, then Athens is where it's at. You needn't look any further than the Acropolis, a UNESCO World Heritage site, to know that you're somewhere special. This is one of the country's top tourist attractions, with visitors flocking to the Parthenon and other temples which are dedicated to Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom and warfare. But don't forget the other attractions too, such as the Parliament Building in Syntagma Square (if only for the uniforms) and the Temple of Olympian Zeus which is set near the 1896 Olympic Stadium. There is all this and more available on a citybreak to Athens.

For an alternative cultural destination, try Thessaloniki which is known as the country's cultural capital. You'll find numerous annual events such as the international film festival in November. The nightlife is also pretty popular, so you can get a great mix on a holiday to Greece if you take it here.

Saving Money on Holidays to Greece

There are a multitude of Greece holidays packages that suit every budget, and they can be a great way to stretch your funds. We can help you compare deals from many different holiday companies including Thomas Cook, TUI, Jet2Holidays and a whole lot more.

If you're after a little more adventure, you can also book your flight and hotel separately - of course, using our search tool to get yourself a great deal. Look out for special events in ##Year## and 2019 to get more out of your holiday without busting the budget and if you just want a slice of sun on the cheap check out our all inclusive holidays to Greece! If your dates are flexible, it can be worth waiting for last minute holidays and flights to Greece to pop up as you can often save big pounds.

Best Nightlife Spots in Greece

The Greeks are known for their stronger than normal cocktails - and their ability to throw a good party. Tourists may flock to their shores for the sunshine and beautiful islands but come nightfall, it's the buzzing sound of music, laughter and corks popping that pulls people off the beaches and into the heady atmospheres of Greece's many nightclubs.

Mykonos takes front and centre stage on this particular subject. The town's labryinth of streets become alive with people looking for a good time - summer is unrestrained revelry while spring and fall bring in the beachside cocktailers and wine-sippers at sun down.

Cultural Rhodes knows how to party too. From casual beachside drinks to those sipped while playing a game of luck at the casino, Rhodes has more than a few secrets up its sleeve (and they're not all historical).

If you don't like the club you're at in Skiathos, there are plenty across the street to take your fancy. With records reaching up to 50,000 visitors over the summer, Skiathos arrive on this tiny island in search of nights they won't forget (or, in fact, that they will).

Corfu tends to be a bit more raucous and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. Drink deals come into hand through hundreds of drink vouchers in places like Agios Ioannis while the more sedate Corfu Town is where locals head over for a quiet tipple or two.

Family Trips in Greece

Travelling with little tots in tow is never very easy but Greece does help by entertaining the masses.

Shores slope into calm, azure seas making it easy for everyone to swim. Historic sights tower atop countless landscapes, fascinating kids and adults alike while fresh Mediterranean fruits and veggies make it easier for mothers and fathers to feed picky eaters.

Make a beeline for Rhodes as this is one medieval town that delivers in history and Blue Flag beaches. Take the kids to the Rhodes Aquarium and Butterfly Valley.

The Old Town of Corfu is a UNESCO World Heritage site that lends itself to exploring. There are museums and art cafes to while away the hours and even open-air summer cinemas that will entertain the whole family for the evening.

Don't overlook Halkidiki, with its many inviting family-friendly beaches, Chania and its enticing waterpark or hanging out with loggerhead turtles in Zante.

Romantic Getaways in Greece

Sun-bleached shores and piercing baby blue waters make getaways romantic automatically - it's a hidden rule. Luckily, Greece has its fair share of secluded coves and sunsets that seem as though they've been plucked off a canvas.

Retreat to the likes of Milia beach in Skopelos, Egremni beach in Lefkada and Balos beach in Crete, where tranquillity abounds. Paddling in crystal clear waters, lounging on soft sands and sunshine-filled picnics are the way to go.

When you're finished lounging on the shore, there are shaded tavernas which serve up deliciously fresh seafood and ice-cold drinks to tempt you in for the night. Go for long walks around rolling hills, take in the sight of the blue-domed city of Santorini and sit back on boat trips to stunningly beautiful islands. Greece is made for two.

When to go to Greece

While Greece enjoys long, hot summers, and mild winters, it's always advisable to plan your Greece holiday 2018/2019 a little around the weather when booking your holiday, lest you end up shivering on your beach towel on a beach in Kos in mid-winter! Greece's weather is at its balmiest during July and August - and this is when the country sees the most visitors, sending prices upwards.

Things are a little quieter - and Greece's weather is still lovely - in June or September, so if you're looking for a beach holiday, try booking it during this time. Spring is also delightful in Greece - particularly in May, as the flowers bloom and the days become longer. The water can be cold, though, so bathers should aim for summer and early autumn! Many Greek islands shut down over winter - they have few flights, restaurants and hotels can close, and tourist facilities on many island become unavailable. If you are intent on visiting the country during winter, head to the mainland - Athens is open to tourists year-round, and offers all the history, food and culture you could want from your Greek holiday!