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Dolphins and orcas and rollercoasters, oh my! Orlando is the theme park capital of the world, and SeaWorld is one of the most iconic of those theme parks. Though it was opened in 1974, SeaWorld is by no means old-school - with super modern rides, underwater animal viewings, and 360° aquariums, it offers families an in-depth glimpse of life below the ocean's surface.

Like other American theme parks, SeaWorld is its own little universe. On site you'll find hotels, restaurants and a waterpark. You'll also be in close proximity to other famed Orlando attractions like Disney World, Epcot and Universal Studios Orlando. It's also an easy drive to Florida's famous beaches, and there are plenty of bars dotted around for parents to get some quiet time while the kids are on the Mako rollercoaster for the 20th time.

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Did you know?

SeaWorld receives 30,000 pounds of food to feed their animals each week.

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Top 5 SeaWorld Attractions


With loads of rides, almost every animal experience you can imagine, and a wide variety of other exciting adventures in between (high-fiving a manta-ray anyone?), you'll need several days to explore SeaWorld. Here's a couple of attractions with which to start.

Dine with Shamu
Enjoy a sustainable, organic meal as you watch SeaWorld's famous orcas frolic beside you. Learn about why these killer whales are so special, and what you and your family can do to protect the ocean.
The only 'flying' rollercoaster of its kind in the world, the Manta turns the thrills up a notch. Channel your inner manta ray, spinning, gliding and flying like these majestic creatures, evoking the feeling of racing through the high seas.
Pacific Point Preserve
Say 'hi' to SeaWorld's resident sea lions and seals at Pacific Point Preserve. Watch them hang out in the sun, splash about in the water, and 'chatter' to one another. If you're lucky you might even be able to feed them!
Flamingo Paddle Boats
Here's one for those who aren't keen on adrenaline-spiking rollercoasters. Take to SeaWorld's central lake in these bright vessels for a leisurely spin.
Pets Ahoy
Bet you thought SeaWorld was all about, well, the sea, right? Not quite - this animal experience stars cats, dogs, ducks and pigs in a laugh-a-minute show packed with fun and adventure.