If you're not keen on crowds, Venice in peak season can be a bit of a nightmare. Hot, busy and yes, sometimes a bit smelly, smart tourists head to the area in June when the temperatures are warm yet temperate at around 25ºC and the crowds aren't yet at full capacity. Our tip is to head to Lido di Jesolo; well within reach of Venice at a distance of around 40 kilometres, it also offers a dose of beach for your buck, too, with a 10-mile long stretch of sand devoted to sunbathing and ocean activities with some pumping nightlife. Plus when you're ready for a spot of culture, you can just hop on a boat to the big city.

Magaluf is - more than most - a destination influenced and duty-bound by its disparate seasons. Low season sees comparatively little activity, in part because of the weather, but high season (between May and September) is when the nightlife circuit kicks into action - and with it, the attendant Jagerbomb-fueled revellers responsible for its notoriety. Most of the clubs tend to open at the end of May, so by June you can expect the party to be in full swing with temperatures of up to 27ºC. Plenty of cheap package deals and drinks offers mean that it's relatively easy to stick to a small budget, too. Be warned though: this isn't one for the fainthearted.

Croatia's breathtaking natural scenery and engrossing history find it well suited to a getaway at any time of year - but it's best in summer, when temperatures reach an average of 27ºC and flights from the UK depart regularly. Peak tourist crowds flock to Dubrovnik from June onwards, but many of the smaller islands still offer up a calmer way of life alongside an extraordinary jewel-like coastline and rich cultural legacy.

If tranquility isn't a priority, however, Croatia has seen a dramatic increase in the number of music festivals it hosts in recent years. June welcomes festivals like Hideout, Soundwave or Fresh Island to its shores for beach raves and all manner of musical mayhem.

Heat is pretty much a done deal in Turkey's most popular resort town, where June temperatures regularly hit over 31ºC. The month of June is a great time to visit big, brash Marmaris; falling just before the peak season of July-September, you'll find that lots of the hotels offer great value all inclusive deals to fill their rooms in the slightly quieter period - brilliant news for those on a budget. Marmaris brims with over a quarter-million people during the summer, so a June visit will ensure that you get to enjoy all it has to offer without having to endure sun-loungers - or handbags - at dawn.

If you're flirting with the idea of a Portuguese beach holiday, our top tip would be to visit the Algarve resort of Albufeira in June. High season runs from mid-July through to August, which is when Portuguese families take their seaside break alongside (what can feel like) the rest of the world. In June, you'll get the best of both worlds; its pubs, clubs and beaches will all be nicely buzzing without the crush, plus accommodation prices may well be cheaper. Temperatures are usually very pleasant at an average of 26ºC and there's over 11 hours of sunshine a day - flawless conditions for exploring Albufeira's pretty Moorish Old Town or just relaxing on the beach.

The Greek island of Zante is known for its brash side, with resorts like Laganas catering to partying Brits abroad - but if you want to dig a little deeper, there's more magic to be found. Plenty of family friendly resorts like Alykes and Kalamaki offer up a more laid-back holiday experience.

When you go too can make a big impact. Those in search of lager and love (even if it's only for a night) should visit during the peak season in July and August - for everyone else, head there in June, when temperatures are heating up nicely to highs of around 28ºC and it's starting to liven up, with cheap shoulder-season prices to seal the deal.

Something Different In June

While June is usually cheaper and less crowded than those peak season months, it's definitely worth considering somewhere off the beaten track to squeeze the most out of your getaway. The remote Portuguese archipelago, The Azores, have been called the Hawaii of the mid-Atlantic, with world-class hiking and diving opportunities and truly breathtaking scenery comprised of crater lakes, beaches and caverns, as well as two of Portugal's 15 UNESCO World Heritage sites. June will see you getting to enjoy the islands in bloom as well as sunny weather and pre-peak-season prices.

Or there's Norway, which has plenty to sell itself already; but if you're after a truly unique experience, visit during June when you'll be able to bathe in the light of the midnight sun! Some parts of northern Norway are south of the Arctic Circle so they experience full daylight at midnight.

June is a good month to visit the African island of Zanzibar. Generally considered to fall within its dry period, you'll enjoy days of endless sunshine, some of Africa's best coral beaches and a well-prepared tourism infrastructure - plus prices are extremely reasonable once you're there. However, if you're keen to stay closer to home - and don't fancy forking out for a long haul flight - consider the Isle of Man, which is more than just a tax haven; it also boasts beautiful scenery, rugged coastlines and in June - pretty agreeable weather to boot.

With a cobblestoned historical heart and charming streets festooned with public art, Porto is almost certainly the jewel in Portugal's (already sparkling) crown. A visit to Porto in June is a great way to experience an authentically Portuguese way of life, and whilst it's faultlessly welcoming to tourists, there's little of the mass-tourist package holiday atmosphere here; think tiny winding alleys, gastronomic delights and high-spirited nightlife jostling for space with medieval fortresses and enigmatic baroque churches. Season isn't such a big deal here - a city this dynamic works at any time of the year, after all - but June balances warm weather with a gently developing cultural buzz.

Surprisingly cosmopolitan, Iceland's capital Reykjavik is part historic power player, part scenic wonderland. There's plenty of beguiling art to be found and a plethora of cool cafe's and bars, as well as a host of culinary choices (in fact, there's been a recent surge in restaurant openings, from high-concept Icelandic cuisine to world-class Tapas). Any visit to Reykjavik, however, should really be spent worshipping at the altar of the Great Outdoors, where snow-capped mountains, powerful oceans and near-perfect air all await. June is a pleasant time to visit as temperatures are about as warm as they get - plus you'll get to experience the strange phenomena of the Midnight Sun.

Italy's magnetic Renaissance town needs no introduction; despite its comparatively small size, this riverside metropolis is in many ways the birthplace of the world as we now know it. Romantic and artistic with a heritage and history so far unmatched, Florence finds a place on most tourists' bucket lists (and deservedly so) - which means that planning your visit well is key. Visiting in June before the crowds of July and August swell means that you won't spend most of your time waiting in queues with other hot and bothered holidaymakers.