7 Of The Most Remote Hotels On Earth

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We usually book a holiday to get away from our everyday lives for a while and reset, however there are some places on our planet where we can take escapism one step further. Whether you’re looking to reconnect with nature, a partner, or even yourself, these seriously remote hotels can make for life-altering getaways.

Dunton Hot Springs, Colorado


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The tiny alpine town of Dunton in Colorado was initially built as a mining settlement in the 1800s before it was abandoned in the early 20th century because of poor transport links. It became a cattle ranch and then a dude ranch, before it was once again put up for sale. Nestled in the San Juan Mountains by the Dolores River, this scattering of log cabins now makes up the five-star Dunton Hot Springs resort. Each cabin is decorated completely differently, however they all exude a snug, homely feel, featuring warm lighting and cosy rugs and throws in abundance. As the home of hot springs, the resort pretty much revolves around this mineral-rich water. There are several ways to soak up the strong concentration of iron, manganese and lithium: from the restored bathhouse that was used by the miners to the two outdoor pools—and if you really want to maximise the elemental connection, you can submerge yourself in the source!

How to get there: Private jet, private car transfer or car rental (one- to three-hour drive from the nearest airports).

Fogo Island Inn, Canada


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Fogo Island can be found off the coast of Canada’s wild isle of Newfoundland, so in order to get to it you have to hop on either a ferry, aeroplane or helicopter. The Fogo Island Inn is a striking wooden structure perched on stilts that was inspired by the temporary accommodation that is associated with the area. You really feel exposed to the elements here, as the rooms boast floor-to-ceiling windows that look out across the churning Atlantic Ocean. The island is also widely considered to bear the brunt of not just four seasons, but seven, making each month of the year a very different experience. Wintertime is a whitewashed wonderland when days can be spent ice skating, tobogganing and cooking salt cod on open flames, while the warmer months open up the island to hiking, cycling, foraging and fishing.

How to get there: If you make your way to Gander in Newfoundland, the inn can help organise your transportation from there!

Eremito Hotel, Italy


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Nestled deep in the dense Umbrian countryside, this restored monastery is aimed at solo travellers looking to really switch off and get away from it all. The building is so remote that you have to walk the last 700 metres or hop in one of the hotel’s 4X4s to access it, and when you’re there, there are no televisions, telephones or Wi-Fi. The stripped-back décor lends itself well to introspection (desks look out over the rolling pine-green landscape), and while amenities are limited, what they do offer is quietly luxurious—from the hand-embroidered sheets to the simple but serene spa. All meals and drinks are included in the rates: these are all plant-based (using ingredients sourced from the organic garden), and based on traditional monastic recipes. Low-key activities like meditation and yoga are encouraged here, plus guests can explore the bucolic surroundings on foot or horseback.

How to get there: The hotel is a 30-minute drive from the nearest train station Fabro Ficulle, or an 80-minute drive from Perugia.

Huangshan Yupinglou Hotel, China


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Immersed in clouds and perched 1,800 metres above sea level in the atmospheric Huangshan mountain range, a stay at the Huangshan Yupinglou Hotel really feels like you’re sleeping in the sky. It has been nicknamed the ‘hotel on the ladder’, because there are 60,000—often precarious—steps you can climb to get there. There is also a cable car if you don’t quite fancy such a feat… Upon arrival, visitors are welcomed by the guest-greeting pine, which is an ancient pine tree with two branches that open like arms. There isn’t a whole lot else to do here other than take in the unfathomable scenery that surrounds the peak, however there is an onsite sauna and spa, which you’ll no doubt be thankful for if you’ve decided to tackle the stairs!

How to get there: Climb up 60,000 steps or hop on a cable car!

Wolwedans, Namibia

Namibia is home to one of the most enthralling yet unforgiving expanses in the world. Its Skeleton Coast churns up shipwrecks and whale skeletons as it changes with each crashing wave and gust of wind, while the vast desert—with its monumental dunes—makes for an unforgettable trip. Wolwedans offers a range of accommodation, from a cluster of tented rooms perched on the edge of a dune to a villa surrounded by seemingly infinite plains, and the most remote of all, Boulders Camp, which is arranged around granite rocks and is three hours south of the rest of the lodges. From these epic locations, you can embark on bushman walks, scenic safaris and even hot air balloon rides, so you can take in just how sprawling this slice of Africa really is.

How to get there: You can drive yourself, or be driven by a Wolwedans guide, from Windhoek (this is around a seven-hour trip). Alternatively, FlyNamibia flies from Windhoek and Swakopmund to Keerweder Airstrip, which is a 45-minute drive from Wolwedans.

Arctic Bath, Sweden


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Perched on a river in Swedish Lapland, you’ll find what looks like a giant nest. This is, in fact, the centrepiece of the Arctic Bath hotel, where you’ll find a spa with an open-air cold pool, a sauna and two Jacuzzis. Accommodation options include floating cabins with wooden decks and direct access to the glassy water, as well as land cabins and suites situated along the shore or hidden amongst birch trees. With huge floor-to-ceiling windows, you can take in the mind-blowing scenery as well as some of the phenomena that can only be witnessed in this part of the world, such as the midnight sun, which is when the sun glows from just below the horizon between sunset and sunrise from May to July.

How to get there: Arctic Bath is approximately 85 kilometres from Luleå where you’ll find the airport Kallax and 40 minutes away from Boden, the nearest train station. The hotel can arrange private or shared cars or a helicopter from these terminals.

Mashpi Lodge, Ecuador

Sitting 950m above sea level in the dreamy Chocó cloud forest, this retreat feels like it’s located in another land entirely, however it’s only around a three- to five-hour drive from the Ecuadorian capital of Quito. Guests stay in sleek, modern suites that boast giant windows, so that they can take in all the incredible flora and fauna that surrounds them. They might stumble across ethereal waterfalls or spot rare rainbow-feathered birds and fairytale-worthy frogs. One of the hotel’s main draws is the Dragonfly, which is a canopy gondola that allows guests to fly through the misty treetops and experience the spectacular spoils of such a climate up close. This hotel is just as concerned with the conservation of the cloud forest as it is about its guests’ comfort, so you can expect to come across knowledgeable biologists and naturalists who will enjoy telling you all about the other resident species!

How to get there: Due to flight times, a stay in Quito is usually required en route to the hotel. Mashpi Lodge transportation will collect you from the city for no extra charge.