Anna’s Aussie Adventure Part II: East Coast

In Part I we heard all about Anna, our Online Marketing Manager’s trip to the west coast of Australia, and from there she headed east, which is where we’ll pick up the tale. First stop was Noosa, on the outskirts of Brisbane.

Noosa National Park was the destination and Anna went to the headland section where you can choose from a variety of different walks to see the flora and fauna on offer, with koalas to spot for those with keen eyesight. There are even plenty of pretty secluded beaches if you want to carry your swimming kit all that way!

Brisbane was like another little slice of home, with a southbank boasting museums, galleries and even its own ferris wheel. But you don’t get exciting over-the-river cycle lanes like these on the Thames!

A reasonably short Greyhound Bus journey (nothing but glamour here) saw her land in Byron Bay, known for its excellent surfing. It’s easy to get lessons here and she did just that, spending a couple of fun but exhausting hours out on the waves. The lighthouse in Byron Bay is an important local landmark and you can join a sunrise walk to it. Anna did just this, unfortunately a little worse for wear after an evening of enjoying more of those fine Aussie wines!

Next up, Sydney, a gruelling overnight bus journey away but luckily Anna had Lara, an ex-dealchecker who moved back home, to look after her and show her the sights. The gorgeous Botanical Gardens by the harbour were top of the list. It didn’t escape her attention that the green expanse surrounded by high-rises was remarkably similar to Central Park, showing off how well-travelled she is!

King’s Cross can be likened to London’s West End, it’s here where you’ll find plenty of entertainment. Clubs, bars and restaurants abound so it’s a great place to stay if you’re after a look at Sydney’s nightlife.

Bondi Beach called next, as much for its iconic status as for another chance to get in the sea. As you can imagine, she found it to be super-cool with trendy types hanging out on the beach and in the skate park in the greenery that sits behind the bay. There were plenty of English people soaking up the atmosphere and enjoying the local sushi!

The final stop was to take a trip over to Manly on the Sydney Harbour Ferry, a pretty place but one that seemed to Anna to be slightly overrun by tourists. To escape them, she headed for the Opera Bar in the Sydney Opera House, one of the swankiest drinks she had on her trip.

I think you’ll agree that she managed to cram a lot of Aussie goodness into the two weeks she had there. Anna has been bitten by the bug it seems and is keen to head back to see Melbourne and some of the interior, maybe Uluru. So next time you’re wondering where to head for a couple of weeks, think big! You could have your own Aussie Adventure in that time!