Off the Beaten Track in…Dubai!

With its glossy malls, adventurous architecture and designer shops, Dubai is undoubtedly the playground of the wealthy. There’s lots to do, plenty to see and much to take in, but if you fancy spending your time in Dubai a little differently, here are a few things you might want to try…

Dubai Creek

When the temperatures soar and you’ve had enough of skin-drying air-conditioning, the best place to head is Dubai Creek. In the startlingly hot weather that Dubai cranks out on any given day, this is one of the spots in this man-made metropolis where you can find a cool breeze! It’s also a fabulous place to head for a delicious evening meal – just look for the restaurants that are filled with locals! Creekside Park is also a great place to get away from it all – just make sure you pack a picnic.

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Visit the Jumeirah Mosque

It can be easy to forget that Dubai is an Islamic country with strong Muslim beliefs, surrounded by such dizzying, moneyed splendor on all sides. Get a taste of the long-held traditions of Dubai by wandering around the old Bistakiya district down near the creek, and specifically, visit the Jumeirah Mosque. It’s the only Mosque in Dubai that is open to non-Muslims, so it’s your chance to grab an insight into the cultural fabric of the city. It’s a gorgeous building too – try to arrive in time for the call to prayer!

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Balloons away

For something really different, take a hot air balloon out into the desert! There are quite a few operators offering early morning flights out into the desert – you get an hour-long flight, followed by refreshments out in the desert and then a 4×4 journey home. Check it out here:

Image by Sarah_Ackerman

Catch local buses

Most visitors to Dubai never catch the local buses; the weather prevents standing outside for any length of time!  But catching local buses is actually a great way to mix in with the real workers of Dubai and see how people really live. You’ll get to see real neighbourhoods and understand how they all link together. Just think of it as your own personal tour bus!

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Dubai’s winter sporting calendar attracts everyone from Tiger Woods to Roger Federer! From attending sporting events at the big stadiums to watching Indian, Pakistani and Sri Lankan expats play cricket just about anywhere where there’s room to swing a bat, if you’re a sport lover, Dubai can provide for your every whim!

Image by Bilal

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