Bucket List Destinations to Visit in Australia

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Australia is a well loved destination for holidaymakers, known for its native animals, epic coastline and balmy weather. The country is incredibly popular amongst backpackers who will dedicate a few months to exploring every inch of this spectacular location. Australia is a vast country with a number of stunning attractions and areas to discover. 

Fraser Island

Fraser Island is a picturesque island filled with natural beauty and cultural appeal. A UNESCO World Heritage site, it has a population of just under 190 residents. Fraser Island is particularly famous for its local animals, specifically the large number of dingos that roam the island. While these animals are cute in their appearance, they are infamously dangerous. The rural surrounds are part of what makes this part of Australia particularly popular amongst travellers and those seeking an escape from the hustle and bustle of a city. 

the coastline of fraser island

Gold Coast

The Gold Coast is one of the most sought-after areas of Australia and is a place where many Australians choose to retire! Its warm climate and gorgeous beaches make this location incredibly appealing for both locals and tourists. Additionally, this region has become increasingly trendy in recent years, making it a bit of a hotspot. The range of golden beaches also attract a lot of surfers to the Gold Coast, in addition to the vibrant nightlife, which makes this location idyllic for friends visiting for a weekend getaway. 

coastline and skyscrapers at the gold coast in australia


One of Australia’s most famous locations is Sydney, known for the Sydney Opera House and Bondi Beach. This adored city is possibly the country’s  most frequently visited and is packed with lively bars and restaurants, in addition to being home to the world famous Taronga Zoo. Additionally, Sydney boasts some mesmerising scenery and features a number of gorgeous viewpoints, including West Head Lookout and Observatory Hill.

photo of sydney opera house with a pink sunset behind


Brisbane is one of Australia’s most desired destinations to live in, with many locals moving there from other areas of the country. Brisbane is the capital city of Queensland and is an exciting destination full of things to do, including the Science Center, the Brisbane Botanic Gardens, and the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art! The Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary is immensely popular amongst visitors, and makes for an excellent family day out. 

photo of the brisbane coastline at sunset with skyscrapers


Melbourne is another famous city within Australia that is adored by both tourists and natives! This city is situated in the south east and boasts an active nightlife which attracts many people annually. Melbourne is home to a number of impressive skyscrapers too, many of which you can go up in order to enjoy spectacular views of the city! Melbourne Zoo is another huge draw and is home to a wide variety of exotic animals. This hotspot is best enjoyed between the months of November and February, which is Australia’s summer season.

overview of the melbourne skyline