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It’s that time of year again where our favourite Geordie duo Ant and Dec grace our TV screens every night for the next few weeks with I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!. Like every year the main focus will be on the oh so famous – and normally quite disgusting/terrifying – Bush Tucker Trials.

With every season’s trials progressively getting worse than the previous, we often find ourselves asking the question of just how far we would go if ever we had the chance? Well now you don’t have to wonder anymore. Here at dealchecker we have found some of the best and the worst Bush Tucker Trial-style experiences from around the world for you to try, and let me warn you… some are not for the faint hearted!

Diving with Crocodiles

Cage of Death at Crocosaurus Cove
Image © Marek

Going to Australia? Well why not take a trip to Crocosaurus Cove where you can have the ultimate thrill-seeking experience and step foot into the Cage of Death – yes, that really is the attractions official name. Not the most inviting of names now is it? However, this has not put too many people off with thousands having visited the attraction since it opened in 2008.

Right in the heart of Darwin City, Crocosaurus Cove is the only place in the whole of Oz where you can dive with crocodiles. Each dive lasts 15 minutes in the enclosure and takes place while the crocodiles are being fed. This is to ensure maximum movement from the five-meter-long crocs during your encounter. Participants can chose whether they want to go into the cage alone or take a friend. We’re not sure we’d be too happy about either option.

Wing Walking

Wing Walking in the UK
Image © georgeowensfx

Wing walking, the act of performing acrobatic stunts on the wings of an airborne aircraft. A dream for some, a complete and utter nightmare for others. Although only featured on I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! just the once, it seemed a shame not to include this ultimate thrill-seeking experience. Especially since you can do it right here in the UK!

Thanks to AeroSuperBatics you can now be a wing walker for the day. Obviously not straight away though, some necessary training is needed beforehand to ensure you put on the best possible show up in the air.

Eating Critters on Khao San Road

Eating Critters on Khao San Road
Image © Brett Lewis

The most famous of the Bush Tucker Trials, without a shadow of doubt are the dreaded eating tasks. I say dreaded, for us at home it’s fantastically entertaining, although it is advisable not to watch if you are at all sensitive about watching insect juice oozing out of celebrities mouths. It’s fair to say that the eating tasks have got more and more vile over the years, more recently branching out from insect eating and also serving up delicacies such as eyeballs, feet and even testicles.

Although many of us sit watching the task in utter disgust, there are some people who are quite keen to see what some of these critters taste like, and what better place to try them than on Thailand’s infamous Khao San Road? Here you can find anything from crunchy worms to deep-fried scorpions and tarantulas. Washed down with a Chang beer… what could be better?

Zip Slide in South Africa

Zip Slide in South Africa

Want a go on the world’s fastest zip slide? And with an average speed of 75mph it really is fast! Opening in 2004, Zip 2000 is located outside Sun City in South Africa. It claims to give thrill-seekers a whole 1.25 miles of ‘sheer adrenaline’ and a feeling of flying, rather than the falling sensation associated with a bungee-jump. Despite never being used as a Bush Tucker Trial, zip lining has been a jungle entrance for past celebrities, and unlike some of the others mentioned in this list, is also something the kids can get involved in.

Zip 2000 lets children from the age of 12 experience this attraction which means it can be a fun day out for all the family. If South Africa’s a bit too far then why not try out a bit of zip lining in the UK at somewhere like Adrenalin Quarry in Cornwall?

Sky Dive over The Palm, Dubai

Sky Dive over The Palm, Dubai

Each season of I’m A Celebrity… Get Me out Of Here! has, without fail, started with a sky dive. Usually the celebrity the most terrified of heights ends up getting selected to jump out of the plane in order to secure meals for the rest of his or her camp mates. For many sky diving is high up on the bucket list, and with a large number of countries around the world now offering sky dives with the best views it’s difficult to know where to choose.

One of the coolest sky dives, in our opinion, is the one over The Palm Jumeirah in Dubai offered by the company Skydive Dubai. A top choice for many when choosing a sky dive in Dubai and with views like this we can totally understand why!

McKamey Manor

Lastly for the ultimate ULTIMATE thrill-seekers who have already been there and done everything on this list, well here is something extra special just for you. McKamey Manor in San Diego is a fairly new interactive experience which can last anywhere from two to four hours, or sometimes even more depending on how well you deal with fear. Named as the world’s scariest haunted house, visitors should be expected to be drenched in blood, tied up and forced into cages of snakes, just to name a few of the houses, erm, attractions. Guests must be in excellent health to participate and their ordeal is filmed for others to view via the website afterwards. Sound extreme enough? Check out the website here – McKamey Manor.