Date Night in Rome… At Home

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Here at dealchecker, we’ve been having some heated debates about Europe’s most romantic city. After much discussion (and a few tears) we’ve finally come to a conclusion: our city of choice is Rome. Brimming with ancient history, laden with style and teeming with restaurants serving up delectable Italian fare, it has all the trappings required for an amorous escape. Unfortunately, Rome is an awfully long way away right now, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t bring the city to you.

So, wave goodbye to lockdown fatigue with these tips on how to spice up your date night. Italian romance awaits…

Eat… Carbonara

Did you know that this famous dish originates from Rome? The thought of eating something so hearty and comforting might not seem like the obvious route to your heart but just imagine sharing your spaghetti with a loved one à la Lady and the Tramp in one of the city’s al fresco eateries. There are recipes aplenty out there, but we think that when it comes to Italian food, you might as well learn from the masters, so try out this cook-a-long with Antonio Carluccio.

Drink… a Negroni

Choosing a drink is always tricky – opt for something too fruity and you’re likely to be judged for not knowing your booze, or choose something edgy and you might find yourself wincing with every sip. Short, punchy and tasty, the Negroni proves to be an excellent choice for an evening of romance (whether that be at home or outside). Your date is sure to think you’re chic with this cocktail favoured by Italians. It’s an after-hours tipple and we recommend drinking it once the sun has gone down. Go on, whip one up at home.

Listen to… a Playlist Full of Crooners

Full to the rafters with music so romantic that you’ll feel like it’s just you and your loved one in a room packed with people, this playlist is sure to set the scene for your evening. We feel a kitchen boogie coming on, don’t you?

Light…a Candle

When we think of romance in Rome, we think of candlelit dinners in the atmospheric Trastevere district. Recreating this at home has a number of benefits: the smell of cooking isn’t the most amour-inducing and a scented candle will help to whisk those garlic smells away. The second, and perhaps more important perk, is those alluring waves of light that candles cast upon our faces. You won’t be able to resist one another!

This Neom candle is a fave here at dealchecker, thanks to its delightful scent and wallet-friendly price.

Dress… Up

You won’t catch the Romans enjoying date night adorned in athleisure. It’s a city that is notoriously well-dressed, with sharp tailoring, a pared-back palette and good quality footwear favoured. It’s not a coincidence that many of the world’s most famous fashion houses are Italian. So, it’s time to sling the trackies aside in favour of something altogether sleeker. Dressing up solely for your other half has a certain romance to it – now let us see if we can find that eyeliner…

Enjoy your date night in Rome (kinda) – you deserve a treat!